Title, India: Report of the Malimath Committee on Reforms of the Criminal Justice System: Some observations. Publisher, Amnesty International. The role of victim in modern justice system, is it only the role of being a witness or one the stake holder in achieving justice. 2. Is there relationship between. Please click the link to read the Report on the Criminal Justice System as suggested by Justice Malimath Committee in This report.

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A Victim Compensation Fund can be created under the victim compensation law and the assets confiscated in organised crimes can be made part of the fund. An inter-Ministerial Standing Committee should be constituted to oversee the implementation of the Convention. Sate govt has not done their responsibility Separating law and order from investigation. An unassuming hero on the threshold of greatness The stoop to conquest Strong leader, a brittle virtue?

Law should not stumble, in a way that those who defy it go free and those who seek its protection lose hope. Malimath did his primary education from Karnataka.

Under the scheme, such cases will be settled through Lok Adalats on a priority basis. Views Read Edit View history. Even in cases of terror, where investigation should be of the h Popular Tags modi bjp rahul-gandhi india aap featured gst donald-trump congress corruption committee demonetisation arvind-kejriwal rbi featuredet supreme-court pakistan economy us arun-jaitley delhi bollywood china narendra-modi cricket.

The Committee also favoured substituting death sentence with imprisonment for life without commutation or remission. This is because two of the recommendations are alarming and would involve a drastic change in investigation and prosecution of criminal cases and dispensation of justice. Malimath Committee report Law ckmmittee not stumble, in a way that those who defy it go free and those who seek its protection lose hope.


Jiby J Kattakayam Jiby was working as an engineer in California when the blogging wave that preceded the social media explosion swept him to journalism and Delhi where he was drawn towards politics, developmental issues, and courts of law.

V. S. Malimath

Rather than become excessively ambitious and throw the exercise into turmoil repotr government should proceed incrementally. We will be happy to have you on board as a blogger, if you have the knack for writing. Tech Science Reviews Search for: Advani, who was also the Home Minister. It also sought amendments to the law to allow thumb impression only if the witness is illiterate.

Malimath Committee report : Important Topics for UPSC Exams

Under Section of IPC wife should likewise be punished if she has sexual intercourse with another married man. The Committee has recommended providing for a Mapimath Commission for a periodical review of the functioning of the Criminal Justice System.

Though crime is a State subject, a central law must be enacted to deal with organised crime, federal crimes, and terrorism. Police custody is now limited to 15 days.

Evidence regarding a man and woman living together for a reasonably long period should considered as marriage, even if he is already married and he is liable to provide maintenance to both women. Just drop in a mail at toiblogs timesinternet. Deepalakshmi January 17, The Committee is in favour of a permanent Statutory Committee to prescribe sentencing guidelines.

The state then appointed him Advocate General in This is very important because the Criminal Procedure Code and jail manual are voluminous documents that may not be accessible to an accused without sufficient education.

So Electoral reform along with Judicial and Police Reform should go hand in hand. It also suggested that a separate witness protection law be enacted akin to the one in the United States. Prosecution Prosecutors are the Officers of the Court, they help the court mwlimath find the truth which is the objective of the Criminal Justice System. One of its suggestions was that the possession of prohibited automatic or semi-automatic weapons and lethal explosives be made punishable with up to 10 years jail.


The trial of rape cases should be done with most expeditiously, within four months, and with a high degree of sensitivity. Formation, Functioning, and Future Prospects. Victim compensation is a State obligation in all serious crimes, whether the offender is apprehended or not, convicted or acquitted.

Confessions to police have repeatedly come under scrutiny because of allegations of custodial torture, instances of custodial deaths, fake encounters repport tampering with evidence.

Borrowing from inquisitorial system The panel was in favour of borrowing features from the inquisitorial system of investigation practised in countries such as Germany and France, where a judicial magistrate supervises the investigation.

The world over there is recognition that laws which create scope for arbitrariness end up punishing minorities harder. Criminal Justice System in India Criminal justice system is more than years old in India and it need to be reviewed as the type of crime has changed with the use of technology and other aspects.

Periodic review The Committee has recommended providing for a Presidential Commission for a periodical review of the functioning of the Criminal Justice System. Malimath started his law practice in the High Court of Bombay in Skip to main content.


He then secured First Rank in LL. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. National Human Rights Commission of India: The Committee also prescribes a prosecution statement and defence statement.

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