Motor Vehicles Laws (A Comprehensive Examination Of Motor Vehicles Act, With Focus On Insurance, Entitlement And Compensation) With Cd. THE MOTOR VEHICLE ACT in India Bare Acts, Banking and Insurance, Business and Corporate, Constitutional, Consumer Laws, Criminal Law, Energy, . Section62 – Information regarding stolen and recovered motor vehicles to be furnished by the police to the State Transport Authority. Section63 – Maintenance of.

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Section – Refund in certain cases of compensation paid under section Section – Prohibition against travelling without adt or ticket. Registration number and the type of the vehicle involved in accident.


Section – Effect of macy and revision on orders passed by original authority. Section46 – Effectiveness in India of registration. Section65 – Power of State Government to make rules.


Provisions as to other right to claim compensation Section – Disposal of article found in vehicles. Section61 – Application of Chapter to trailers. Section – Insolvency of insured persons not to affect liability of insured or claims by third parties. Allowing unauthorised persons to drive vehicles.

General conditions attaching to all permits Penalty for causing obstruction to free flow of traffic. Certain powers of State Government exercisable Section – Parking places and halting stations. Power of Court to disqualify.

Bare Act: Motor Accident Claim Tribunal [MACT]

Application for goods carriage permit. Revocation of a conductor’s licence on grounds of disease or disability. Imposition of minimum fine under certain circumstances.

Duty to produce license and certificate of registration. Special provisions regarding motor vehicle subject to hire- bar. Effect of disqualification order Recovery of money from insurer as arrear of land revenue Renewal of driving licences Voidance of contracts restrictive of liability.

Section – Impleading insurer in certain cases. Additions to driving license. Power to State Government to control road transport Chapter to override Chapter V and other laws Power of licensing authority to disqualify Section – Duty of insurers to satisfy judgments and awards against persons insured in respect of third party risks.


Motor Vehicles Act, | Bare Acts | Law Library | AdvocateKhoj

Composition of certain offences. Section69 – General provision as to applications for permits.

Restriction of hours of work of drivers. Restrictions on the holding of driving licences 7. Validation of permits for use outside region in which granted Form and contents of licences to drive

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