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Silver drachms minted in Velia Lucania in BC. In this Compendium on the pages you can read: This working together surely made the coin series production go faster: This circumstance suggests that the origins of the Ionic numeral system dates back at least to the 5th century BC, when these letters were still in use.

It was very important in antiquity, as in the agreement at the end of the 5th century BC between Phokaia and Mytilene. But the most skeptical readers still continue to screw up their nose and ask: In fact, Massalia’s reverse dies had to mint small drachms with an average 16 mm diameter, while those from Athens had to mint big tetradrachms with a double diameter 31mm: As can be seen, some numerical notations recur identically on some coins of the issue of figure no.

Luca System – History of ECS

The alphabetical numbering of groups of coins minted in succession is found in many Greek mints and in different periods4: The next target is indicated with number AZ coin no.

Tetradrachms struck in BC by Ptolemy I Soter, as satrap of Alexander the Great, bearing the image of Athena Promachos and the symbol of the eagle on the thunderbolt. Quadragintorum milia res si sottintende sestertium.

The reference to Zeus is confirmed by the issue symbol: In Latin, then, exactly as it was in the reconstruction of the numerical sequences on the Massalia coins, to understand the order of sizes of which we are talking about, we must contextualize every single number: As seen, once again very similar numerical notations are able to express with few and imperceptible variations both a global figure the one on the obverse and various progressive numbers brought on the reverse that tend to that figure.


It lycasystem be then very suspicious the interpretation of 3, drachms as a final numerical notation because every of 15 obverse dies identified should have produced evencoins: To be sure that the talent symbol is correctly interpreted on the reverse of the coin no.

Centre Numismatique du Palais Royal, no. Because the classic Greek alphabet was only composed by 24 letters, 3 archaic letters were also used, falling into disuse: KraayOxford 7. The followingdrachms limit, is then indicated in four different ways: The overlapped numbers in the numerical notation on the reverse of the coin no. Classical Numismatic Group, Triton I,lot 7. And also in Massalia we find this type of alphabetical numbering with double letters as is attested by a sequence that starts with AA and finishes with ZZ some elements are proposed in figure no.

VAuctions, Auction5 Maylot 16, The same amount is indicated in an alternative way on the coin no. Cstalogo the following coins the same notations are found on both the obverse and the reverse; in particular on the coin no. Another numbering sequence is found in the following issue in figure no. Solidus Numismatik, Online Auction 9, 8 Oct.

Even if the doubt has been dispelled that the multiplication of two combined numbers gives rise to a large sum expressed in drachms, there will remain one last at least I hope so perplexity. Other symbols from other minor numeral systems that indicated a certain amount of money were widespread everywhere like for example the symboloften simplified with A, used in Andania, city of Messenia, to indicate the amount of 10 mine, equal to 1.

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It is a method we follow unconsciously cagalogo nowadays: As had already happened with thedrachms target, even the amount ofdrachms is indicated in many different ways, exactly in oucasystem ways.

The large amount of coins belonging to this issue allows us to understand better some important aspects. The way with which the different groups of coins are numbered suggests that they were all made up with the same amount of coins. Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum, Copenhagen Lucasgstem18 var.

In fact, the only other notation which dissolves in a finished number is the Lhcasystem notation coin no. The numbers used on the minted coins simplified the programming of the monetary series and helped mint officials and workers to recognize and better count some specific groups of coins.


Thousand of Books, Booklets, Articles of many lucasywtem scholars on more than hundred different topics in top languages of the world. To dispel every doubt on the validity of the interpretation of the initials AA that indicates ,0 00 drachms we find the coin no.

For Troxell8, who refuses any lucasysem to see dates in these sequence letters, the coin groups that are linked to these letters are the different issues minted in succession.

If the opinion of J. This demonstrates the accuracy of the hypothesis that in many cases the number A is not equal to 1 but to 1, drachms since it is an A simplified form of the figure.

And decies sestertium means decies centena millia sestertium; sometimes we find only the adverb, being omitted or implied the word sestertium, or millia sestertium. So, on the obverse lucssystem coin no. Click here to sign up. Auctiones GmbH, eAuction 30, 19 Oct.

It is possible to consult online many sites like, for example, https: In the Alexander coin case, however, many people were skeptical about the fact that the monogram could actually be the number 50 from the Attic or Acrophonic system simply because it was now affirmed for the first time. Roma Numismatics Limited, Auction 4, 30 Sept.

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When the minting of pieces bearing a certain combination of codes because the obverse die or the reverse die was replaced or both was finished, all the batches of coins were counted and the amount was lufasystem in proper registers: Topics Seerat e Mustafa abdul Mustafa Azami. Leu Numismatik, Auction 86, 5 Maylot 2. But is there any evidence that certifies the validity of this interpretation?

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