These agents work in concert to reduce fat deposits. The article reviews the results for patients treated with Lipodissolve and other injection lipolysis treatments. This article describes the author’s experience with lipodissolve, a nonsurgical treatment to reduce fat deposits via the injection of a single component. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Lipodissolve for body sculpting: Article in Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology 5(10) · October with.

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This case highlights a severe liposissolve of multisystem organ failure following injection lipolysis therapy that has not been previously described. The primary goal was to determine the efficacy and safety of the Lipodissolve formula and technique in achieving both fat reduction and smooth skin retraction in areas of localized fat deposition.

The overall results differed somewhat depending upon the volume of solution with each treatment Table 1. InAblon and Rotunda confirmed the beneficial effects of the infraorbital PPC formulation injection introduced by Rittes with a similarly designed but smaller open-label study on 10 patients.

Ljpodissolve outcomes are highly dependent on the correct formula and injection technique, as well as proper patient selection. Guidelines Upcoming Special Issues. B, Posttreatment view following abdominoplasty.

All injections are placed into the superficial to mid layer of subcutaneous fat, never intradermally or intramuscularly.

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However, it should be used cautiously in patients with compromised kidney function since there is a minor excretory role. These organizations compound PCDC on a mass scale. There are plastic surgeons who do both liposuction and Lipodissolve and they seem satisfied that each treatment has its place. Proper training in the technique will usually eliminate this from happening.

No cell-wall disruption, inflammation, or focal scarring was seen. The organization that objects to my wiki posts is called ASAL. Because different areas of the body would show different amounts of shrinkage e. I mentioned to Mr. If there was a thick fat pad, a mm 30 10 32 gauge needle was used to inject 0. The departments of pharmaceutic technology and plastic surgery of Regensburg University, Germany, have published the results of their study on a fat cell model in vitro.


They suggest that dilution of the solution may allow for treatment of a larger surface area.

Hello, my name is Tonya Ross and I was wondering if I could take up a bit of your time and talk to you a little bit about an opportunity I have for you. Others feel that there is a synergistic process; the compound containing PPC, sodium deoxycholate, and benzyl alcohol initially causes cell membrane disruption.

Retrieved from ” https: It is not the name of a medication as some believe. The temporal proximity of the procedure to development of organ failure strongly suggests a causal association between the two, however. Please use me in any way to get the Lipodissolve wiki to an NPOV without being an advertising platform for an organization selling an unregulated fat removal drug.

You work for a pharmaceutical company that has a profit motive related to how information is portrayed about Lipodissolve — yet you condemn other doctors for that same reason and try to mask your lipodissllve under a cloak of consumer safety? The satisfaction rate was slightly better among those receiving higher injection volume, A double-blind, placebo controlled trial of high dose lecithin in Alzheimer’s disease. The lipodisoslve entails a series of injections of phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate; however, other substances such as vitamins, herbal extracts and other drugs are sometimes added [ 12 ].

September 04, artjcle Accepted date: As PCDC is written for as a prescription Drug there was no need to seek FDA approval as both Phosphatidylcholine and Deoxycholate have been approved for use in humans as indicated by their appearance in various medications. Another important mechanism of fat cell death is described by Peckitt. Participants received a thorough review of participation requirements and signed an agreement to follow the study protocol.


Unless safety of this procedure can be established, health care providers should be strongly discouraged from using injection lipolysis as a means of nonsurgical fat reduction. Based on data from all current studies, both PPC and deoxycholate appear to be active ingredients and contribute to the location-specific adipocyte cell membrane damage and subsequent apoptosis when a critical concentration of formula is reached.

Multisystem Organ Failure Following LipoDissolve Injections

None of these issues, that are often mixed into the use in part or full of our business name, has anything to do with Lipodissolve but are individual cases lipodixsolve misuse in some form or the other. A, Pretreatment view of a year-old woman who persisted in her request for abdominal Lipodissolve injections even though she was advised that she needed an abdominoplasty to get the best results. Based on personal experience and review of the literature, the authors offer the following tips to enhance safety, effectiveness, and patient satisfaction with the procedure.

Such a compromise would not benefit either of the conflicted parties financially li;odissolve would conform to wiki standards. My editing efforts have been to try to allow ASAL to have their say, but to point out that:. Inflammatory cells are present in a laminate along the needle track, along with adipocytes showing reduced cell volume.

Each patient had 1 or more treatments in 1 or 2 areas up to cm. There are some reports of severe pain, this is due to too high a concentration of the DC as it requires to be at a higher ph to stay in solution.

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