Limnoperna supoti Brandt, Modiola cambodgensis Clessin, Modiola lacustris Martens, Volsella fortunei Dunker, Taxonomic Notes. Limnoperna fortunei (or golden mussel) is an epifaunal mytilid, native to Chinese and south-eastern Asian rivers and creeks. It became. Limnoperna depressa Brandt & Temcharoen, Subspecies Limnoperna fortunei kikuchii Habe, accepted as Xenostrobus securis.

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Journal of Shellfish Research. It is a freshwater species but tolerates salinity to 3 ppt.

Diagnostic features

Controls include mechanical removal, chemical methods, limoperna, UV light, electric current, and antifouling paints. Despite of its invasion process, the risk forthe autochthonous biodiversity Orensanz et al. With these results we aim to estimate its distributional limits for Uruguay main hydrographical basins.

Limnoperna is typically yellowish in colour it is commonly known as the golden musselwhile Xenostrobus is typically brown to black. Introduced as boats are transported for sport fishing. What habitat does it prefer? Limnoperna fortunei Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page The generic name Limnoperna Rochebrune was erected to distinguish this monotypic genus from the other mytilids.

The outer surface of the shell is golden to dark brown, whereas internally it is nacreous, pearly white to purple. It would be of great value to generate knowledge about several topics, such as: Only two major spawnings were observed through the year; one when summer temperature was recorded and the other with spring temperatures. Editorial Committee of a Catalogue of Wakayama Prefecture.


The role of the zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha in structuring macroinvertebrate communities on hard substrata.

Limnoperna fortuneian Asiatic rivers bivalve has become a worldwide problematic invasive species causing several water quality and macrofouling problems. Fortinei enters the mussel’s mantle cavity fortune the inhalant aperture, and after describing a series of movements during which suspended particles are filtered out and either ingested, digested in the gut, and the undigested remains egested as feces, or discarded as pseudofeces, is expelled through the exhalant siphon.

It causes great economic damage to water intakes and cooling systems of facilities. Limnoperna fortunei Dunker, Mytilidae in the Neotropics. Impact on Habitats The large biomass associated with high densities of L. The effects of this process on the water column include limnopfrna decrease of suspended particles, water column primary production, and the concomitant increase in water transparency.

The outer periostracal layer of the shell is smooth and shiny, and thick where it curls inwards at the shell margin. Caption Fouling on heat exchangers.


The authors thank J. A rank within the hierarchy of taxonomic classification, the principal category between an order and genus.

Golden mussel (Limnoperna fortunei)

It has potential as a bioacumulator of xenobiotics and for water clarifying. Title Fouling heat exchangers. Title Fouling on native species Caption Fouling of L.

Journal Shellfish Research, 18 2: Limitantes de Limnoperna fortunei en la cuenca del Plata: Mytilidae is a synonym of Xenostrobus securis Lamarck, What does the golden mussel look like? The shell attaches to hard substrates by byssal threads, forming beds of closely packed animals. It could be related with an increase of it abundance, from 0.

Potential impact of filter-feeding invaders on limnopedna inland freshwater environments.

Anthony Ricciardi: Limnoperna fortunei

Scarabino discussed the potential impact on the gastropods Potamolithus, Pomella, Felipponea, Chilina and Ancylidae and the bivalve genus Eupera. It is tolerant of water temperatures found in the lower Great Lakes region. Invasive Freshwater Bivalves of the Neotropical Region.

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