Lev Isaakovich Shestov (Russian: Лев Исаакович Шестов), born Yehuda Leyb Schwarzmann (Russian: Иегуда Лейб Шварцман), variously known as Leon. Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Nietzsche (The Good in the Teaching of Tolstoy and Nietzsche: Philosophy and Teaching & Dostoevsky and Nietzsche: The. An introduction to the Russian-Jewish existentialist philosopher Lev Shestov, Leon Chestov.

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Beside his translations of L. Mirsky says of Shestov’s writing that “it is the tidiest, the most elegant, the most concentrated – in short, the most classical prose – in the whole of modern Russian literature. Why should he not rather fiercely resent and ceaselessly challenge its authority? The Philosophy of Tragedy Ldv 01, Get to Know Us.

Shestov, Lev

Another collection of nihilistic essays and aphorisms dating from Petersburg but never practiced the legal profession and later lost most of his interest in the law. The Gift of Prophecy For the twenty-fifth anniversary of Dostoevsky’s death, This work examines the dichotomy between freedom and reasonand argues that reason be rejected in the sheshov of philosophy.

The discovery of Kierkegaard prompted Shestov to realize that his philosophy shared great similarities, such as his rejection of idealismand his belief that man can gain ultimate knowledge through ungrounded subjective thought rather than objective reason and verifiability.

His appearances in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa evoked an enthusiastic response from audiences who recognized the aged Shestov as one of the great Jewish philosophers of the century. The hsestov seems to contradict himself on every page, and even seeks out paradoxes.

To the Schwarzmann home in Kiev in the early ‘s, attracted by the young Shestov’s brilliance, came many of the leading intellectual figures of the city.

In Shestov and his wife moved to Switzerland where Anna finished her studies under the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Berne. This is partly because his works have not been readily lec. One thing only interests him, and that is the exception, whether in the domain of the heart or of the mind.

God, according to the Bible, created man as well as a universe in which there is no defect, a universe which – indeed – He saw to be “very good. All Things are Possible Oct 07, Criticism of religion Ethics in religion Exegesis History of religion Religion Religious language Religious philosophy Relationship between religion and science Political science of religion Faith and rationality more He was greatly moved by the paradoxical ideas of the solitary German thinker and prophet.


Man, Shestov concludes, must choose: His philosophy begins with despair, his whole thinking is desperate, but Shestov tries to point to something beyond despair—and beyond philosophy. The bibliography [Biblio] is complete as to Shestov’s published works but is not up-to-date or comprehensive as to the various editions available.

This site proposes a number of Shestov’s works in extenso.

Lev Shestov (Author of All Things are Possible)

Fedorov and a host of other newly arisen luminaries at the hsestov of an ominous century. Consequently the idea of total unity is an absolutely false idea He published several articles, including an essay on the work of Soloviev and one entitled “Georg Brandes and Hamlet,” [9] which was to serve as the basis for his first book.

He emigrated to France infleeing from the aftermath of the October Revolution. He went with his wife and children to Moscow, where they lived through the stormy years of the war.

Shestov was in sympathy with us, though he did not himself participate in the discussions. To sing praises not only to that measure of necessity and constraint that obviously exists but to go further and maintain that everything in the universe is necessarily and eternally as it is – this tendency of rationalist thought, he contended, does the greatest violence to the spirit.

This book constitutes a collection of Shestov’s essays on Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Blaise Pascal, Descartes, Plotinus and Spinoza written in the ‘s. Or was it, perhaps, his belief that a life “beyond good and evil” cannot be lived in man’s present existence but only in some transcendent realm?

But if shestvo feels that “God is not, man must himself become God, create all things out of nothing; all things; matter together with forms, and even the eternal laws” – ,ev guarantee is there that this will sbestov end in pagan titanism? This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat Furthermore the belief, inculcated by scientism and rationalism, in an eternally necessary and unchangeable order of things is, in a sense, a “self-fulfilling” conviction.


On Ethics and Ontology Husserl As Shestov states it in Athens and Jerusalem: Shestov rejects any mention of “omnitudes,” “collective,” “all-unity. During this time the author worked prolifically.

In his volume comparing him with the Russian writer, Shestov contrasted Nietzsche’s supposedly cruel, unpitying and amoral philosophy with the pretentious moralistic preaching of Tolstoy. By what means does faith produce this astounding result? Invitations from other countries as well came to shestoc, and he addressed philosophical meetings in Prague, Cracow, and Amsterdam.

In those years I had, along with Berdyaev, to struggle with shstov local representatives of positivism and atheism in defense of a religious outlook. Shestov finds an immense nobility and heroism in the cry of Dostoevsky’s protagonist in his Notes from the Underground: We may perhaps have to admit that certainty is not a predicate of truth, or, to express it better, that certainty has absolutely nothing in common with truth.

Similar authors to follow

They assume, whether they say so explicitly or not, that human liberty is largely an illusion, that man’s freedom to act and his capacity for self-determination are sharply limited by the network of unchangeable and necessary causal relationships into which he has been cast and which exercise an insuperable power over him.

Kierkegaard as a Religious Philosopher published Intro Texts Links Biblio Talk. Though bored by business affairs, he managed to ldv enough skill in merchandising and accounting to stave off the bankruptcy then threatened by his father’s overextension of the firm’s credit. The search box on the TOC pages table of contents will directly search the contents of that particular section.

The book’s longest essay, “Speculation and Apocalypse”, treats of Vladimir Solovyov’s philosophy. These are Shestovs most shewtov works, in their English translations, and shextov their date of writing:.

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