charge enonciative dans trois genres de texts expositifs” (“The Processes of. Enunciation in Three Types of Expository Text”) (Itziar Plazaola. Le texte expositif, quant à lui, est une production dans laquelle les locuteurs créent une structure thématique (Boscolo, ; Britton, ) et fait appel à des . Les titres et intertitres sont des dispositifs de signalisation fréquemment utilisés dans les textes expositifs. De nombreuses recherches réalisées en psychologie.

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They were timed to locate the specific sentences in texts that had topic-identifying headings or texts that had headings that did not identify topics. The Role of Schemas in Reading Text: What should the visual properties of the headings be? Participants were under time pressure expisitif complete their reading so they needed to develop an efficient reading strategy.

The Philosophical Review 66 3: Their influence is achieved via at least three mechanisms. Van DijkT.

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Rather, an understanding of the effects of headings and other signaling devices on text processing must be based on an analysis of the information functions served by the headings. Journal of Educational Psychology 76 6: Studies in the Theory of Speech Acts. In contrast to text sentences that refer to the world, expoaitif refer to the text itself.

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Effects of Expositkf Headings on Text Processing: These shortcomings limit the theoretical and practical impact of the research. It should depend upon the other three dimensions of signals: In short, the types of variation we have noted are very relevant to text design, but we have not yet designed research to answer these questions.

An Essay in the Philosophy of Language.

An expository text of any length typically has a complex structure that poses substantial challenges to readers. Contemporary Educational Psychology 14 2: Effects on Reading Comprehension.

Two lines of research on the topic can be identified. In this case the heading identifies the topic as major participant.

However, this null result is not surprising because headings conventionally communicate information about text organization and recognition memory tests are often insensitive to organizational factors. Rather, SARA hypothesizes that the effects of a signaling device will be moderated both by the relevance of the expositlf information to the reader and by the accessibility of the signaled information to cognitive processing.


A Theory of Language and Information: SARA can indeed be seen as providing a framework for such an interface, situating headings in the broader perspective of a theory of text signals.

Mathematical Structures of Language. La HayeF. Let us contrast two situations. Many headings are used to identify the topics of the sections they head.

Three Information Functions of Headings: One potentially important dimension concerns the visual properties of headings; headings vary in their typographical and spatial properties. Some Investigations of Comprehension and Recall. Intrusion of a Thematic Idea in Retention of Prose. Contemporary Textd Psychology 33 4: Learning and Instruction 14 2:

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