Le Passe-Muraille is the title of a story by Marcel Aymé about a man named Dutilleul who discovers that he can (you guessed it) walk through walls. The statue is. After a year then, he still retained the ability to pass through walls, but he .. Statue of le Passe-Muraille by Jean Marais, Place Marcel Aymé, Montmartre ( Paris). Marcel Aymé was a French novelist, children’s writer, humour writer, screenwriter and theatre playwright. His writings include The Man Who Walked Through.

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It is also the basis of the stage musical Le Passe Muraille or wym its English-language adaptation, Amour. Lecuyer’s office like an insulting “trophy of the chase.

Dutilleul then began to use his ability to burgle banks and jewellery shops. About Us Help Center. Now, surprisingly and ironically, “sanguinary thoughts” pop into Dutilleul’s mind, and in a facetious manner Dutilleul sticks his head through the wall of the little room where he has been relegated as a punishment for his “rebellion” so that he appears in M.

He lost a pound that first day. So its the scene of lots of selfies and stories and groups. Dutilleul became rather good at this game, and he no longer contented himself with shouting abuse at the associate director. Spotted this in Montmartre where we are staying and thought we would take a detour from our walk to Sacre Coeur to check this out. He felt apprehensive on his way to work in the morning, and at night in his bed he often lay awake turning things over in his mind for a full fifteen minutes before he could fall asleep.

In an almost philosophical tone that enhances the irony, the narrator acknowledges that walking through walls does not constitute an end in itself; as a beginning it calls for a reward. After sensing “friction” and “a feeling of resistance” on the third night of his going through the walls to meet with his lover, Dutilleul finds himself “petrified in the interior of the wall.

When he left, Dutilleul passed through the walls of the house and felt an unusual rubbing sensation against his hips and shoulders. No sooner had he sat down then the head reappeared on the wall. Would this be a good cold day activity? Dutilleul used his power to enter her bedroom and spend the night with her while her husband was away. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.


The thickness of the walls was a veritable treat for him. Are the prices for this place or activity budget-friendly? He literally sticks out of the wall at you. By evening his headache was tolerable, and in his intense excitement he forgot about it altogether. Msrcel, a new manager arrived at his office and began to make his job unbearable. Here again, the extraordinary occurrence appears realistic. Ayn only can Dutilleul walk through walls, but he does it “without experiencing discomfort”; the implication is that others may have already aaym through walls and did experience discomfort from doing so.

But, ironically, the drastic transformation simply consists of changing the four elements the narrator used earlier on in the story to identify the character: He was careful to move only partway through the wall, so that just his head emerged on the other side. All right, enough translating. Dutilleul believed that by giving up his freedom, he was giving in to a prideful desire for revenge. It is interesting legend.

It looked over its pince-nez glasses at him with deepest hatred. On the very same afternoon he fell in love with a blonde beauty whom he met in Rue Lepic twice in the space of fifteen minutes. He now feels a “yearning,” “a marvel, imperious impulse”—”the need to walk through walls,” to which the narrator also refers muraile “the call of the other side of the wall,” using an animalistic terminology.

One morning, Dutilleul had a headache and took two pills he found in the bottom of his drawer. He spent his free time reading the newspaper and working on his stamp collection; these activities did not require him to expend an unreasonable amount of energy either.

Le Passe-Muraille, Paris: Address, Le Passe-Muraille Reviews: 4/5

Dutilleul waited until he was out of sight, until he was all the way down at the bend in the street at the foot of the hill, and then he counted to ten.

Now you may well think that letting himself get picked up by the police to astonish a few colleagues shows a great recklessness unworthy of such an exceptional man. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids? He immediately forgot about his stamp collection and Egypt and the pyramids. Dutilleul discovered his power shortly after he turned forty-two.


This time he took a few precautions.

He was certainly not going to let something so trivial make him miss his rendezvous. Then, without any kind of transition, the narrator very casually announces muraillle “Dutilleul’s first burglary took place in a large credit establishment on the right bank of the Seine. Public sympathy was unreservedly behind this prestigious burglar who so thoroughly flouted the police.

Le Passe-Muraille (Paris) – All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with Photos) – TripAdvisor

At night when it was time to leave work, he was the butt of endless jokes from his colleagues, and life lost some of its luster for him.

Would you send a friend who is visiting for the first pase to this place or activity? Dutilleul was immobilized inside the wall. All of passse saved places can be found here in My Trips.

Mursille following day was Saturday, and since he worked a five-day week, he sought out the local doctor and presented his case to him. Retrieved from ” https: Dutilleul made no change to his rather inactive life, however, and a year later still retained his ability to pass through walls, although with no inclination to use it.

Address, Le Passe-Muraille Reviews: This amazingly rapid transformation of Dutilleul into a burglar adds a new dimension to the world of the narration and to the satire.

The Passe-Muraille (Walker-Through-Walls) – Histories of Montmartre

He shaved off his black goatee and traded his pince-nez on its chain for a pair of horn-rimmed glasses. As for the blonde, she looked at him with great interest. Modern Language Association http:

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