In Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has created a tortured, mature, and completely three-dimensional hero (and mega-sexy, to boot) and paired. In this fourth installment of Gaelen Foley’s Knight family series, Lady Jacinda Knight, youngest of the Knight family runs away from home, only to find herself in . Lady Jacinda Knight ran away from home to avoid a loveless marriage to an old With Lady of Desire, Gaelen Foley has racked up another solid story in the.

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He also refuses to reconcile with his parents. I had been extremely intrigued by Billy when he made his first appearance in Lord of Ice. The Murder at Mandeville Hall. Because Billy has suffered in his past at the hands of his cruel father, he is a huge bout of insecurities, believing himself in some deep part to be worthless and unlovable.

Billy finds himself attracted to the compassionate and unconventional beauty and she realizes the notorious chief of thieves is all she desires. You won’t get the ‘aha’ moment of their meeting in this one though. Google Books — Loading Lady Of Desire Gaelen Foley. Please review your cart. Watching the Knight brothers learn that their sister isn’t just a silly flit but a woman to be reckoned with was a joy.

I loved that Billy went to the 4 Knight brothers and submitted himself to their interrogation and scrutiny to have their permission, and blessing to court Jacinda. Jan 29, Glamdring rated it did not like it Shelves: His love for Jacinda makes me feel happy that he finds someone who deserves to love him.

I don’t have any of the other books in this series, but I was wondering if it would be alright to skip the first three books. The Best Books of Really liked the hero otherwise.

And this fourth installment, Lady of Desireis another enchanting, lusciously beautiful love story that nearly surpasses with The Duke for my favorite of the series so far.


Then one night, in flight from a safe but loveless marriage arranged by her strict older brother, Jacinda finds herself alone on a dark and dangerous street face-to-face with Billy Blade, the notorious leader of a band of thieves. His father, a Marquis, was a cruel, sadistic man whose abuse lead Billy to leave his heritage behind and lead a difficult life on the streets. His stolen kisses awaken in her a longing for a man she can never possess.

Lady of Desire (Knight Miscellany, #4) by Gaelen Foley

The chosen man was his friend who was a widower with a young son. The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief. Though society predicts she’ll follow in her mother’s footsteps, the spirited beauty stands unashamed of her passionate nature. LibraryThing recommendations and tag cloud. She has to be perfect beyond perfect and even her brothers seem to fall into this. Ms Foley has become an auto-buy for me and I am looking forward to obtaining more of her back catalogue and her future publications.

I was also a little disappointed that Lady of Desirelike it’s predecessor, Lord of Icewas somewhat light on the actual romance. Typically I would feel a great deal of sympathy for a hero with a past as tortured as Billy’s, and although I did to some degree, it wasn’t as strong as with some other characters of this type that I’ve read. Please try again later. Feisty eighteen year old Lady Jacinda Knight is one her way to Paris. I did enjoy the scenes where he sneaks back to the rookery though.

The only Knight sibling who doesn’t show up foleg Jack, who is still “missing in action. The Duke of Defiance. I really liked the gentleness and deisre that she exhibited with Billy in various ways throughout the book, and I was also impressed that, unlike her brothers, she never seemed to be overly bothered by her mother’s scandalous exploits in life.

From what I can tell so far, Ms.


Lady of Desire — All About Romance

He is also compassionate and caring to those that he cares about. For a thief lord, he was very charming with an air of danger about him that was very appealing. At a snail’s pace.

Looking for beautiful books? The Duke of Lies. Billy, left with no options, must face his worst fears and confront his father and the horrific past he left behind if wants to survive.

But a virgin heroine who has never been in a serious relationship of any kind? Other books in the series. Instead, Jacinda chooses to flee to Paris. So to her gelen away makes perfect sense. Billy had felt thoroughly unloved and unlovable all his life, and to have just a few words be able erase all that, was a bit off easy in my opinion.

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The story line is action-packed with two distinct settings that both bring out the key characteristics of the lead duo. And don’t get lasy started on this girl’s stubborn “I want to be free” campaign by trying to bag a stuffy year old ailing cranky Earl through a good damn majority of the story.

Billy and Jacinda are a perfect match.

Lady Jacinda Knight ran away from home to avoid a loveless marriage to an old family friend. I did enjoy the scenes where he sneaks back to the rookery though.

Lady of Desire

Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. While you will miss out on a brief encounter where …more This answer might be too late in coming, but I have readwith the 4th being Lady of Desire.

This story is no exception. To save his street friends, Billy agrees to rejoin society as Rackford, and his return to society coincides nicely gaele Jacinda’s own.

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