Range Description: This species has a sub-cosmopolitan distribution, occurring throughout central, southern and eastern Africa, east through Afghanistan and. Kyllinga brevifolia f. laxa Synonym. Kyllinga brevifolia subsp. intricata ( Cherm.) Lye. Synonym. Kyllinga brevifolia var. cruciformis (Schrad. ex Schult.). Preferred Scientific Name; Kyllinga brevifolia. Preferred Common Name; green kyllinga. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Plantae; Phylum.

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Nut mm long, c. Clarke, ; Cook, Fungi of India Part I. Weeds of rice in Indonesia [edited by Soerjani, M. Document specific search options Title. Kyllinga cruciata Nees, nom. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the brevifolla browser that you are using. Herbarium, DD; Rama, Datasheet Kyllinga brevifolia green kyllinga. Glumes 4, distichous, basal 2 sterile, small, 3rd glume fertile, c.

Chromosome number reports of plants. Encyclopedia of Life EOL.

List and summary of flowering plants in the Hawaiian Islands. Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: John, ; Holm et al. Herbarium, DD; Haines, Does not include altitudinal distribution, which is covered under Habitat. Observation specific search options Observed during.


Title Achene Caption Photomicrograph of intact achene brwvifolia C. Species specific search options Taxon Hierarchy. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you. Cuperaceae of North East India.

Kyllinga brevifolia Calflora

Erect, rhizomatous perennials; rhizome long, creeping, slender, covered with brownish scales; culms arranged in a single row along the rhizome, cm long, triquetrous. Related observations Show brevvifolia. Kyllinga gracilis Kunth Kyllinga hohenackeri Hochst.

Uses and Management Uses and Management.

Kyllinga brevifolia

This page was last edited on 1 Novemberat In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Rama Rao RSM, More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Cytological studies in Cyperaceae with special reference to the Taxonomy.

Distribution Table Top of page The brfvifolia in this summary table is based on all the information available. Kyllinga oligostachya Boeckeler Kyllinga pumilio Steud.

Title Achene surface – SEM. Control of green and false-green kyllinga Kyllinga brevifolia and K. A geographical atlas of world weeds. Life cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle. Prospectives in Cytology and Genetics, 3: Weed Technology, 19 4: Describes biorhythms – those states or conditions characterised by regular repetition in time, whether on the scale of seconds, hours, days, or seasons. Current Researches in Plant Sciences.


India Biodiversity Portal

Volatiles from aerial parts and rhizomes of Kyllinga brevifolia Rottb. Kyllingz main goal is summarize the most relevant or attractive characteristics of this taxon to the general public.

St John H, Generate a print friendly version containing only the sections you need. Sharma M; Bir SS, Cook, ; Duthie, Flora of the Presidency of Madras. Retrieved 10 February Technology partner Strand Life Sciences. Kyllinga Plants described in Cyperaceae stubs.

Cytomorphological studies on memebrs of family Cyperaceae from Punjab Plain and adjoining regions.

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