KX-TGFX Cordless Telephone pdf manual download. Programming PIN to language changes as follows (KX-TG series: page 3). Download or view product documentation, drivers or software by selecting product category and model number below or alternatively enter the model (a. On this page you can get: Mobile phone PANASONIC KX-TG manual – is available for free download. All information such as file size, preview picture.

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First pressthen proceed to step 2. Operation Paging the desired unit.

Premium digital telephone with built in answering system and tft colour display 72 pages. R In the event of problems, you should contact your equipment supplier in the first instance. A text memo can also be displayed for the schedule alarm.

R To continue kx-tg8516eb other entries, perform this step repeatedly. Operating safeguards R Unplug the product from power outlets before cleaning. Your Panasonic sales usage and ambient environment.

Using the personal phonebook, you can allow all entries in a category to be able to bypass your night mode and cause your handset to ring page Answering Message indicator system is on. Press middle soft key R Charge the batteries provided with or identified for use with this product only, in accordance with the instructions and limitations specified in this manual.

In case you record without informing the other party, it will cause the infringement of privacy and civil liability. Select the shared phonebook.


PANASONIC KX-TG8551FX Operating Instructions Manual Page 36

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. R Speak alternately with the other party. By pressing a soft key, you can select the feature shown directly above it on the display.

Editing entries 1 2 3 4 Find the desired entry page Incoming calls can be Press to exit. Page 38 R The registration tone stops. Editing an entry 1 Press and hold the desired speed dial key 1 to 9.

R Even after the batteries are fully charged, k-tg8561eb handset can be left on the base unit or charger without any ill effect on the batteries. High Code ks-tg8561eb 36 Main menu: In this case, the answering system answers calls with a greeting message and caller messages are not recorded. Display the menu tree and direct command code table Main menu: Confirm “Charging” is displayed.

PANASONIC KX-TG Mobile phone download manual for free now – 41B7A |

Select the desired date. Useful Information Character entry The dial keys are used to enter characters and numbers. If the telephone line cord plug becomes wet, immediately pull it from the telephone wall jack, and do not use.

Enter the desired hour and minute you wish to start this feature. Medical R Consult the manufacturer of any personal medical devices, such as pacemakers or hearing aids, to determine if they are adequately shielded from external RF radio frequency energy. Phonebook To add entries to the personal Phonebook phonebook: Use only the supplied telephone line cord. To stop recording, press. Reconnect Reconnect manua base the adaptor and try again. R Also available through our Internet is direct shopping for a wide range of finished products.


R ” ” is displayed next to the selected lx-tg8561eb numbers. Please access our online customer survey: R To exit, press M N. Caller ID subscribers only To use this feature, set the date and time first page Night mode can be set for each handset. The default setting is “Normal”.

PANASONIC KX-TGFX Operating Instructions Manual (Page 36 of 64)

To return to the conversation, press again. R When the unit receives a call from a number that is stored in the call barred list, the call is logged in the caller list after the call kxtg8561eb page 40 with disconnected. Accumulated dust may cause an insulation defect from moisture, etc. R A 2nd handset cannot join an outside call that is being recorded page General Information R In the event of problems, you should contact your equipment supplier in the first instance.

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