As viewed from the southeast, the Kunsthal is intersected by a service road Architecture (OMA), cofounded by Dutch design mastermind Rem Koolhaas, Hon . Masterclass Rem Koolhaas — Exclusive for students. Specially for its 25th anniversary, on Thursday 2 November the Kunsthal will focus on. The architect Rem Koolhaas was asked to draw up a design for the present location on the Westzeedijk. His first design, Kunsthal Hoboken Draft Plan (27 April.

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After an intense kunwthal lasting seven months, the Kunsthal reopened on 1 February Ippolito holds a Master of Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano. We prefer you log in when posting a comment. Through collaborations with different brands including Repossi, Galleries Lafayette, Knoll, and Prada his activity extends to product design, temporary installations, and the art direction of videos and publications.

Kunsthal/Rem Koolhaas

Corrupting the pure form, the geometric distortion produced by the imbalance. The northern side, a level lower, faces the Museum Park – conventional contemplation. Sundays and public holidays 11 a.

More exposition space projects.

Kunsthal – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

The Kunsthal building has many faces. Although very compact and small it contains many faces and layers. The result is expressed as a series of changing images, variously integrated, autonomous or partial readings.

One of the access ramp starts at the park and connects to the building across the avenue, in this place is difficult to define whether we are inside or outside, as if it were a problem of inclusions, this element is also the link between interior and exterior of the gallery. Location Is located in the vicinity of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, Netherlands, in the quiet area of a park, along an avenue of intense traffic. The Kunsthal is a temporary exhibition gallery designed by Rem Koolhaas with a series of local support that enrich their primary function.

The Kunsthal Rotterdam is located in Museumpark, a minute walk from the main railway station Centraal Station. It has a large exhibition space of 3, m2. The entire work is fragmented, cut like a huge collage full of overlapping and conflicting intentions, where excerpts from different cultural fields are added to the set. Here the building is open in the interior or exterior-interior-interior relationship.

Images of Kunsthal by Rem Koolhaas

In this role he is responsible for the management, business strategy, and growth of the company worldwide. On the roof there is a bright orange steel girder that sticks out over the edge of the roof for one and a half metres — as if someone has left it lying there by mistake. Materials The Kunsthal is steel, concrete, stone cladding, glazing, also translucent corrugated iron sheets or plywood.


A complex, bold and amazing exposition space, a museum without collection, the Kunsthal presents culture in the widest sense of the word: You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. The splendid auditorium with a seating capacity of more than is used by the Kunsthal to programme activities, but it can now also be rented separately as a location for events. Thus the floor plate under the main exhibition space on the dyke is slightly higher than street level, so that this part of the building seems to float.

The exhibitions are of various characteristics, from a retrospective of Andy Warhol samples compact cars. Metro stations Eendrachtsplein and Leuvehaven are a 5-minute walk away. Each maintains its identity. As kunthal whole it seems straightforward: The Kunsthal was officially opened on 1 November See this project also at architectuurplaquette.

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