KT a. f. beam pentode. Base: OCTAL. Uf = 6,3 V. If = 1, 6 a. Typical Characteristics: Ua. = V. Ug2. = V. Ia. = ma. Ig2. = max. KT BEAM PENTODE. V INDIRECTLY HEATED. ISSUE 2. MARCH, The KT88 has an anode dissipation of and is primarily designed for the. given as a guide only – please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. KT88 Ratings.

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We all want to learn from our own mistakes. Testing of KT88 with the L tube tester. Low cost, reliable tube.

All I can say is: Please don’t misunderstand me, this is no attempt kg88 say something negative about JJ tubes. It’s amazing how bad a KT88 getter can be and still the tube works. It is one of the largest tubes in its class and can handle significantly higher plate voltages than similar tubes, up to volts. Well unfortunately, these stickers are now faked also. Another way to make curves by hand is, use that old kind of tape to make printed circuit board drawings by dattasheet.

I have sold the New Sensor for some years, and I was extremely disappointed by those. Don’t we all want to read from the getter how good the tubes are ; Well sometimes you can, sometimes not. This picture is just an art work. The latest cry is to use Blue Diamonds or Crossed Sward, or whatever new names the Chinese have invented.


KT88 and Directory

So you know how to check them, and you can say if they are good or not. In Europe the EL34 was “the” big pentode which was the result of a long evaluation. The basic figures given are for single ended use, but the valve is almost invariably used datsaheet push pull pairs or these days in parallel push-pull. Dtasheet this test certificate is plain bull Once in the tube they are indestructible.

For the rest there can be nothing bad with a business that us a good business. Most excellent factory selection.

Brimar KT88 – Brimar Thermionic Products – Official Site

With dedicated tools, a real high power KT88 could be made, compatible to old versions. The ratings are roughly the same as the 6L6GC while the A has higher ratings.

Black glass is electrically better. What follows now, are external links you leave jacmusic. Just touch this grid, and datashete breaks. The envelope proudly proclaims that Genalex are a Russian company. Beautiful coke bottle glass, and perfect pentode inside. When you really like the physics of tubes, this is the preferred version. It was and still is the tube brand of Richardson Electronics. So for 25 years, the Americans had to pay a licence or find another solution. That is chipped off cathode coating.

They lost most of the datashee, lost un replaceable machines, and happily fired what they thought were useless old workers. You can calibrate your tube tester with those! Datashewt best Svetlana to buy today.

Model: BTP-KT88

Myself I think yes, but manufacturers may think and say they’re real. GU50 is extremely strong and very low distortion. As far as I have seen, they write correctly write the country of origin on their boxes. The The control grid is wound on Copper supports to conduct heat efficiently to the pair of radiating fins at the top.


KT88 Datasheet PDF

kr88 Click on image for full size. After El there was a side step called EL which was unique because it had a frame grid and Zirconium gettering. No NOS spotted, but good used tubes are cheap.

Real pentode Can do higher voltage. Historically, there has always been competition between Europe and the USA, breaking things down to a level, such as the refusal to use a metric system in the USA, or the refusal in Europe to set industrial standards. KT88 ultra linear mode connection.

Typical operation — P-P, fixed bias tetrode, cathode biased ultra-linear. So you won’t complain, and they can send you the lower quality, that they know some other company will reject.

Very hard to get. It has Zirconium coated plates, making the plates act as a getter.

This is a pity, because the EL socket is much nicer than Octal. Part numbers are abused by the Chinese. Computers were non existent. Fake Info Here is a typical worn out getter.

It fails the characteristic of the original Golden Lion. Use of these parameters shall be entirely at the user’s own risk.

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