Classroom doodling, playing the Lottery – whatever forms of dreaming take your fancy, there are some fantasies you’re. Find great deals for Krell KAVi 2 Channel Integrated Amplifier. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Product: Krell KAV i – + watts integrated amplifier. Manufacturer: Krell Analog Inc. Approx. price: 3, Euro/$ (maybe lower in the US, maybe higher.

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Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. It was immediately apparent that this integrated amplifier suffered no lack of power, even a quick bout with the wattage-hungry Extremas failing to fluster the Krll.

Bad capacitor, very kkrell capacitor. Where the River Goes. Approximate number of dealers: These are really nice amps and can be restored very effectively by the right technician.

A model of simplicity, the front kav-30i carries a horizontal line of milled, stainless-steel, circular control buttons. This amplifier and power supply board is a gorgeous one-piece fiberglass board. Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Is it a specific set of caps? I have a large range of premium capacitors in stock at all times. I use premium parts in refurbs like this so that the unit will give its owner many more years trouble-free service.

The Best Jazz Albums of The midrange is perhaps a bit dry. If performance is to be sustained when the load impedance halves, then, all other things being equal, the size of the amplifier power supply as well as the number of output transistors and their heatsinks must double.

I tested every single semiconductor on both boards, just to ease my curiosity, because some distortion of the signal occasionally appeared as an intermittent fault. Fascinating to read your work Michael Always of interest to know about the vintage units and to see stage by stage pictures of what, what anf how you fix them Keep posting I am sure many others feel the same. Could you tell me what caps were sending DC current? Typical of Krell is the absolute minimal use of wiring.


It wears the new look, with iav-300i fascia edges and chamfered accents, press buttons replacing rotaries, a balanced input, operation via a remote control that works other Krell components.

Krell KAVi Integrated Amplifier Repair & Restoration – LIQUID AUDIO

In addition, a set of 11 LEDs graphically shows the volume setting. Trending Price New.

Recording of January I estimate that the unit should not be run continuously at full power into 4 ohm loads for extended periods.

Industrial strength, high-end, audiophile equipment! Rogers High Fidelity 65V-1 integrated amplifier. Log in or register to post comments. Create new account Request new password. I replaced them with fresh axials, but despite ordering the slimmest parts I could find of good quality, the new ones were just a shade too tight with the board mounted back onto the chassis.

Luxman LX integrated amplifier.

Preamplifier Board I tend to work through equipment in a logical sequence, so it makes sense to start with the preamplifier board in this amplifier. Its panel logo is the new, downward-arrow Krell “Audio-Visual” symbol.

Krell KAVi integrated amplifier |

For me, the best amplifier in my collection of audio delicacies. Krrll it more than hints at new directions for the doyen of powerhouse amp builders. Rega Research Brio integrated amplifier. Furthermore, the amplifier is lrell with Raw Cable Speaker Jacks. I tend to work through equipment in a logical sequence, so it makes sense to start with the preamplifier board in this amplifier.


Classroom doodling, playing the Lottery – whatever forms of dreaming take your fancy, there are some fantasies you’re too realistic to entertain. The only way to approach a repair like this is to test all the capacitors and then replace them, based on any patterns you find.

Recording of November Head ’em up, move ’em out, and all that. Feel krll to leave a comment and share your thoughts! Recording of October But here it is in front of me, representing the new ‘entry level’ for one of the most prestigious makes in all of hi-fi-dom.

Capacitors replaced with Nichicon FG fine gold in this case. Kac-300i view of the main board. It has significantly softer, rounder styling than the larger KSA amplifiers.

Kingko Audio and Omega. And it is pure Class A up to the driver stage.

Krell KAV-300i Integrated Amplifiers

Now that I think of it, the new logo looks like the brand on a steer’s hindquarter. And here it is, free of the chassis. Paradigm Reference Studio 20 V2 Speakers. Time to put the KAVi back together.

A big thank you to Patrick Krell because, irell that stuff, working on gear like this is much more difficult. From the left, we have the power switch, electrically servo’d, with soft-start and standby modes.

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