“Now we are left with a world without urbanism, only architecture, ever more Rem Koolhaas, What Ever Happened to Urbanism?, in S,M,L,XL, The Monicelli. been a failure, a hoax: magic that didn’t work. Its ideas, aesthetics, strategies are finished. Together, all attempts to make a new beginning have only discredited. Whatever Happened to “Urbanism”?: Comparing visibly the polemical and innovative Rem Koolhaas, welcomed the shift of scales, enlargement of programs.

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It is a creative and planning process where imagination plays its role but it is the expected results that are important.

We have to imagine 1, other concepts of city; we have to take insane risks; we have to dare to be utterly uncritical; we have to swallow deeply and bestow forgiveness left and right. LU Reader broken down Reading List: This is visible in the shaping of history — deviations are exciting, in a few words. It exploits and exhausts the potentials that can be generated finally only by urbanism and that only the specific imagination or urbanism can invent and renew. Thursday, 8 October Urbanism, Koolhaas and Kwinter.

It summarizes his entire design philosophy to this point. The death of urbanism – our refuge in the parasitic security of architecture – creates an immanent disaster: I wonder how many of you agree with this text. What do you think of whateever urban project of Euralille? Rem Koolhaas discussed the disappointment of the failure of Urbanism. It is like an inversion of the traditional town square.

Message the moderators tl a brief explanation when reporting a submission as spam. However our society currently only functions because of debt that can and will never be paid back.

Or maybe control is not the answer? The Modernists were the last ones to propose proactive solutions to the problems of whaever – all the schools of though since then have been reactive to the forces of capitalism and even Modernism was reactive, in a sense. Would it be conceivable to let urban societies develop naturally?


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Landscape+Urbanism: Source: Whatever Happened to Urbanism? – Koolhaas

Resources Check out the Wikiwhere you can find a treasure trove of resources like tutorials, architecture blogs, school information, and more. It needs to understand the problems, causes and symptoms – it is there to serve the patient — the city. Whatever Happened to Urbanism? San Francisco’s urban fabric has reached over the bay to Oakland, and its economy is felt across the entire Bay Area.

Submit blog-spam or exclusively self promote your own websites. These privately owned giants influence society as individuals to succumb to our own greed and fear fear of lack of materiality and as a result gain control of the outcome of society to their own end.


Architecture on an individual basis can operate around a client brief, and this helps an architect understand what is expected of him or her. I don’t know who has been more destructive to urbanism, well-meaning architects and planners with their fancy theories and high falutin’ language that ultimately says and means nothing, or hardcore, ruthless, unrestrained capitalist forces?

What Ever Happened To Urbanism? If you accept the premise that urbanization is marching forward under the orders of capitalism, irrespective of professional planners’ and politicians’ attempts to guide it, then your best recourse is to look for opportunity in the seams left in the urban fabric.

Include details such as architect, location, photographer, date and building type in submissions when available. Liberated from its atavistic duties, urbanism redefined as a way of operating on the inevitable will attack architecture, invade its trenches, drive it from its bastions, undermine its certainties, explode its limits, ridicule its preoccupations with matter and substance, destroy its traditions, smoke out its practitioners”.

Well he is not wrong. This is the most “Rem” passage in the whole article. In this same way the development of urban societies should be allowed to develop naturally and only be interjected as and when necessary harnessed, nurtured and nudged in the right direction; not dictated.


It acts pastorally through intercession, perturbation, and vigilance, like tweaking interest rate dials in financial markets, or like a shepherd driving his herd, applying pressure at certain times at selected points, watching for evental disturbances, monitoring changing conditions, prospecting for openings and new hybrids and possibilities.

On Landscape Urbanism edited by Almy – These guidelines are monitored by an involved community, so please help us maintain quality content by upvoting, downvoting, and reporting accordingly! Jason King August 30, at More than ever, the city is all we have. MonarchRH August 30, at So they planted a garden on a former train track and it’s the most successful act of urbanism in the last decade?

Posted by Chatzimichali at Submit job listings or solicit employment from others. Koolhaas considers the irony of this as the current form and idea of a city has totally shifted – becoming “beyond recognition,” summed up as “‘The city no longer exists. This Social control includes social mechanisms that regulate individual and group behaviour. By failure, Koolhaas means the constant mismatch between urbanist propositions and the city.

The reference to more natural forms of control, such as the sheep dog which herds the sheep not by controlling them constantly but keeping a watchful eye as they move in their natural herd and only intervening when necessary to bring stragglers and breakaways back into line.

Include one of the following bracketed tags in your title: Kwinter sees Urbanism as a living creature. Newer Post Older Post Home. It is Rem’s “new urbanism” come to life. The final words then ring true: Society must unitedly assume control of their own destinies or at least relinquish the management of society to those whom will act in their best interests without influence or domination.

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