Genealogy for Christian Anton Philipp Knorr von Rosenroth ( – ) family tree on Geni, with over million profiles of ancestors and. Christian Knorr von Rosenroth was a Christian Hebraist. After having completed his studies in the universities of Wittenberg and Leipzig. The text of these works has been annotated by Knorr von Rosenroth (the author of the “Qabalah Denudata,”) from the Mantuan, Cremonensian, and.

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Man sinned and was expanded on the left side; and then they who are formless were expanded also. When he is concealed, he is hidden by the letters which are not disposed according to the proper order of the letters, or according to another reading of this passage in their proper place; because also in him their superiors and inferiors are not rightly disposed because of the disturbed transpositions.

Vide infra, Proposition VI.

These have all a Christian tendency, and by their means Prosper converted another Jew, who had previously been bitterly opposed to Christianity. Thus by the union of justice and mercy we obtain beauty or clemency, and the second trinity of the Sephiroth is complete.

I myself know some score of different mystical pronunciations of it. With regard to the author and rosentoth of the Qabalah, I cannot do better than give the following extract from Dr. But also the six following words give occasion to this idea: But if these judgments are to be mitigated, necessarily the Ancient One is required that is, the first letters of the Tetragrammaton, denoting, IH, Yah, the father together with the crown, which is the apex of the primal letter, and is rosenrotth Macroprosopus.

You have cast down the Sublime and Infinite One from His throne, and in His stead have placed the demon of unbalanced force; you have substituted a deity of disorder and of jealousy for a God of order and of love; you have perverted the teachings of the crucified One.

File:Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala denudata. Wellcome Ljpg – Wikimedia Commons

Or 5 by the commemoration of just men, such as are patriarchs, prophets, and kings. That is, through Daath, or knowledge, whereby wisdom is combined with the understanding, and the beautiful path with his bride the queen; and this is the concealed idea, or soul, pervading the whole emanation.

And in all these nine ways there is need of very great concentration of attention; because if he doeth not that, it is written concerning him, 1 Sam. That is, it doth not so much receive the higher sense, in order that it may denote the beautiful path or the foundation; but the highest, that is, the father or the wisdom. But since in the path of understanding those judgments themselves do not exist, but only their roots, while in itself this path is only pure mercy; hence the retrograde order is inverted, in order that it may be posited entire in this manner as at first: The tree which is mitigated that is, the path of the kingdom or Schechinah, which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which in itself existeth from the judgments, but is mitigated by the bridegroom through the influx of mercies resideth within within the shells; because the kingdom hath its dominion over all things, and its feet descend into death.


For it is written, Josh. But, on the other hand, positive existence is always capable of definition; it is dynamic; it has certain evident powers, and it is therefore the antithesis of negative existence, and still more so of negative subsistence.

Most widely held works about Christian Knorr von Rosenroth. It gave non-Jewish readers a broad view of the first sources to be translated into Latin, and these were accompanied by explanatory notes. And hence arise DV, the two letters which are the duad male and female; and not only the duad, but also the co-equal duads of the superior and inferior conjunctions.

Far, far from us be that effect! So that man is formed from two sides from the right and from the left. Kabbala denudata, seu, Doctrina Hebraeorum transcendentalis et metaphysica atque theologica: Dichter und Gelehrter am Sulzbacher Musenhof ; Festschrift zur In its unchangeable one-ness it is scarcely a number; but in its property of capability of addition it may be called the first number of a numerical series.

And thence are they planted into the perfect name, like as it is written, Gen. Refer to Wellcome blog post archive. Or 8 if he may know how to ascend from that which is below to that which is above. And the dignity of dignity hanged from the seven conformations of the cranium.

This is the tree which hath two paths for thus is this passage restored in the corrected Codex for the same end namely, good and evil, because it is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Now, indeed, Macroprosopus is not so closely known by us as to address us in the first person; but he is called in the third person, HVA, Hoa, he. To call by name is to preserve; and another conjunction of father and mother is introduced for the purpose of preserving the Microprosopus, which is called Jacob. He shall call himself thus in truth. The son of a Protestant minister in Silesia, he traveled around Western Europe for several years. The Ancient One is the first Sephira, Macroprosopus.

But in the inferior that is, Microprosopus taken by himselfthey are beheld in nine parts of that form. But since these belong to the mother, from whom arise the judgments, hence this tetragrammaton is here written in retrograde order, which mode of writing is referred by qabalists to the judgments, knoorr account of the nature of averse things; whence this ought to be written in this way: He devoted himself to the study of Hebrew.



This is the eighth conformation. The term balance is applied to the two opposite natures in each triad of the Sephiroth, their equilibrium forming the third Sephira in each ternary.

A partial English translation of the Kabbala Denudata was made by S.

The black locks issuing from the four sides of the head float down over the curved rpsenroth of the gon, so that he may not hear. Christian Knorr von Rosenroth, Kabbala denudata.

And they are bound together the one to the other male and female, V, Vau, and I, Yod, the path of beauty and the queennamely, I, Yod, and H, He by which are shown wisdom and knowledge, father and motherlike unto two lovers who embrace each other.

Knorr von Rosenroth, Christian Freiherr 1636-1689

Or from the upper horizontal line of the letter H, which is one V, Vau, and from the right-hand vertical line, which is another V, Vau, and from the inserted I, Yod, is made VIV, the full form of letter Vau. As the primary cause of the world is infinite, nothing can exist without EXTRA him; hence he is immanent. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository.

HA, He, is extended by another He, as it is written HH in open and plain writing; but also it is sometimes written in another way, HI, also HA; the one in the name OB, Aub, the other in the name MH, Mahand in the feminine symbol it denoteth the two females namely, the supernal mother and the inferior mother; the understanding and the kingdom. Because this is the ornament of all. To define negative existence clearly is impossible, for when it is distinctly defined it ceases to be negative existence; it is then negative existence passing into static condition.

It is an immediate emanation from the world of Knkrr, whose ten Sephiroth are reflected herein, and are consequently more limited, though they are still of the purest nature, and rosrnroth any admixture of matter.

This Sephira is the active and evident Father, to whom the Mother is united, who is the number 3. They consider God as the intelligent, living, and loving Infinite One.

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