Nearly a century on, the King-Byng affair of is still considered the mother of all constitutional crises in Canada and the example everyone. In it, journalist Bruce Hutchison explains quite succinctly the complex series of events known as the King-Byng affair (also called by some – the King-Byng Wing . Instead, Byng invited the opposition Conservatives to replace King’s Liberals as the The CBC’s Peter Gzowski surveys the effect of the Star-Kist affair on.

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He also sparked one of Canada’s greatest constitutional crises.

This posed a problem for Meighen: Retrieved 23 January Their support lasted until 25 Junewhen Parliament defeated a motion to remove censure from a no confidence motion against the King government. Everyone knows a bad reno story. Forsey, The Canadian Encyclopedias. The King-Byng crisis of is still paying it forward nearly a century later. Political Evolution in B.

This government lasted only three days, however, before it lost a vote in the House of Commons and an election had to be called after all. This further alienated the members of the Progressive Party.

In a king-bung to the Dominion’s monarch, King George Vwhom he represented in Canada as governor general, Byng expressed surprise that the Liberal leader, a staunch nationalisthad requested that Byng consult the Colonial Office in London over the matter.

Its report, which was presented to the House of Commons, acknowledged that there was widespread fraud in the department but did not specifically criticise the government. Accessed 31 December Kint-byng National Post on Facebook. King’s Liberals won a plurality of seats in the House of Commons, while Meighen lost his seat. Before that happened, however, King asked the governor general to dissolve Parliament and call fresh elections.


Mackenzie King framed the campaign around the issue of a governor general who at this time was still a British citizen doing the bidding of London and interfering in how Canadian politicians run the country. As Canada celebrates its th birthday on July 1st, we king-bynb a acfair look at some of the events that our collective conscious has decreed as disasters, and find the surprising upsides.

He would go on to win three more elections afterward and lost one in General and Governor General.

The King-Byng crisis of 1926 is still paying it forward nearly a century later

Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. It clarified the powers of Dominion parliaments and granted the Dominions full legal freedom except in those areas where they chose to remain subordinate. King resigned over the issue, and Byng called on the opposition leader, Arthur Meighan, to form a government. King’s Minority Government The affair began with the 29 October federal election which returned LiberalsConservatives and 28 ProgressivesLabour and Independents to Parliament.

Search The Canadian Encyclopedia. A Country by Consent is a national history of Canada which studies the major political events that have shaped the country, presented in a cohesive, chronological narrative.

King–Byng affair – Wikipedia

Article published July 30, ; last modified January 27, kking-byng While Meighen and other Conservatives expressed public outrage at what they viewed as a desperate attempt on the part of King to cling to power, some Conservatives were privately relieved by King’s decision; they seriously doubted whether the Tories could convince the Progressives to support a Conservative minority government, were confident that King’s attempt to remain in power would eventually fail, and thought the expected debacle king-bng be so damaging to the Liberals’ reputation that the Conservatives would then be swept into office with a large majority.


The Liberals were infuriated over this usage of “acting ministers” and were able ikng-byng get the Progressives to join them in a successful drive to bring down the Conservative minority government, [9] the government losing confidence by only one vote. The Progressives were already distancing themselves from the government because of its failure to transfer control of Alberta ‘s natural resources from the federal government to the province, but in June had saved the government from defeat in a no-confidence motion on the matter.

The Speaker of the House ruled the motion out of order, but, on divisionthe members over-ruled the qffair and the Cabinet was defeated again.

This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat affaur Stevensproposed an amendment to the report which would effectively censure the government and compel it to resign. Letter requesting resolution to the King—Byng Affair. The Statute of Westminster, signed infurther made it clear that Canada had legislative independence from the British Parliament.

A request for dissolution while a motion of censure was under debate was unprecedented. Meighen circumvented this by advising the appointment to Cabinet of ministers without portfoliowho were not required to run for re-election. By recognizing the spirit of nationalism: Byng then invited Conservative leader Arthur Meighen to form ling-byng government.

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