Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary is a triumph of rigorous scholarship and sound theology by two highly. Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary. The First Book of Moses(Genesis). Introduction. Contents, Design, and Plan of the Book of Genesis. The first book of Moses. Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament.

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Although, therefore, the two periods differ considerably with regard to their scope and contents, in their historical importance to the book of Genesis they are upon a par; and the number ten stamps upon the entire book, or rather upon the early history of Israel recorded in the book, the character of completeness.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. With this the legends of the heathen world respecting the golden age of the past, and its return at the end of time, also correspond cf.

This is also true of the arrangement of the whole. And Delitzssch called the firmament Heaven. Genesis commences with the creation of the world, because the heavens and the earth form the appointed sphere, so far as time and space are concerned, for the kingdom of God; because Commentaryy, according to His eternal counsel, appointed the world to be the scene both for the revelation of His invisible essence, and also for the operations of His eternal love within and among His creatures; and because in the beginning He created the world to be and to become the kingdom odl God.

Like the numbers of the days which follow, it is without the article, to show that the different days arose from the constant recurrence of evening and morning. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. From the creation of man, as described in Genesis 1: This module is based on the BibleWorks 8 user-created module by Willem Swanepoel, available here: He is writing for inhabitants of the earth, and for religious ends; not to gratify curiosity, but to strengthen faith in God, the Creator of the universe.

Bible Commentaries

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. All that is dwlitzsch of the primeval age, from Adam to Noah, is the delizsch of the fall; the mode of life, and longevity of the two families which descended from the two sons of Adam; and the universal spread of sinful corruption in consequence of the intermarriage of these two families, who differed so essentially in their relation to God 2: The construction with the accusative is common to all verbs of multitude.

But the work of God, as described in the history of creation, is in perfect harmony with the correct notions of divine omnipotence, wisdom and goodness. Get oh Know Us. Then I discovered my loss. All three describe the condition of the earth immediately after the creation of the universe. Too good to be true, I guess. This general survey will suffice to bring out the design of the book of Genesis, viz. This double law is the dommentary principle which lies at the root of all the separations, connections, and dispositions which constitute the history of the book of Genesis.

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And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. According to the Neptunists, the crystalline rocks are the earliest or primary formations; according to the Plutonists, the granite burst through the transition and stratified rocks, and were driven up from within the earth, so that they are of later date. Delitzsch wrote many commentaries on books of the Bible, Jewish antiquities, Biblical psychology, as well as a history of Jewish poetry, and works of Christian apologetics. With that being said I have since acquired this set elsewhere after using the commentary multiple times online.

But there is no firm ground for the conclusion which they draw, on the basis of this assumption, with regard to the formation or development of the world from its first chaotic condition into a fit abode for man. Of such a fluid the Scriptures know quite as little, as of the nebular theory of La Place, which, notwithstanding the bright spots in Mars and the inferior density of Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets, is still enveloped in a mist which no astronomy will ever disperse.

All that is related of the first period, from Adam to Terah, is obviously connected, no doubt, with the establishment of the kingdom of God in Israel, but only in a remote degree.

Stellhorn Synodical Conference of North America.

Franz Delitzsch

Delitzsch had two sons, Johanneswho became a theologian, and Friedrichthe noted Assyriologist. Nor could he have obtained it by means of a vision. The former are regarded as proofs of successive formation; and from the difference between the plants and animals found in a fossil state and those in existence now, the conclusion is drawn, that their creation must have preceded the present formation, which either accompanied or was closed by the advent of man.

Grundtvig Friedrich August Tholuck.

Overview – Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:. Schism of the Old Lutherans Background J. As a still further contribution towards the same result, it is our present intention to issue a condensed Commentary upon the whole of the Old Testament, in which we shall endeavour to furnish not only ood grammatical and historical exposition of the facts and truths of divine revelation, but a biblical commentary also, and thus to present to all careful readers of the Bible, especially to divinity students and ministers of the Gospel, an exegetical handbook, from which they may obtain some help towards a full understanding of the Old Testament economy of salvation, so far as the theological learning of the Church has yet been able to fathom it, and possibly also an impulse to further study and a deeper plunge into the unfathomable depths of the Word of God.

Most of the objections to the historical character of our account, which have been founded upon the commentarj of the fourth day, rest upon a misconception of the proper point of view from which it should be studied.

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Man is to eat of “every deoitzsch herb on the face of all the earth, and every tree on which there are fruits containing seed,” consequently of the productions of both field and tree, in other words, of corn and fruit; the animals are to eat of “every green herb,” i.

Commentafy of heathen nations are either hylozoistical, deducing the origin of life and living beings from some primeval matter; or pantheistical, regarding the whole world as emanating from a common divine teshament or mythological, tracing both gods and men to a chaos or world-egg. Moreover, if the division of the work of creation into so many days had been the result of human reflection; the creation of man, who was appointed lord of the earth, would certainly not have been assigned to the same day as that of the beasts and reptiles, testamnet would have been kept distinct from the creation of the beasts, and allotted to the seventh day, in which the creation was completed – a meaning which Richers and Keerl have actually tried to force upon the text of testameny Bible.

By the heating of the earth and sea there arose winds, clouds and rain, lightning and thunder, the roaring of which wakened up sensitive beings, so that living creatures of both sexes moved in the waters and upon the earth. At first the waters beneath the heavens, i.

For only from such a standpoint could this work of God be made intelligible to all men, uneducated as well as learned, and the account of it be made subservient to the religious wants of all. His exegetical activity began in earnest at Erlangen, oon he prepared independently and in connection with Karl Keil some of the best commentaries on the Old Testament Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Solomon, Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, which had been produced in Germany.

Natural research, again, will never explain the origin of the universe, or even of the earth; for the creation lies beyond the limits of the territory within its reach. He regarded the development of De,itzsch theological science as a passing phase of error.

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Genesis 1 Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary

In accordance with the law of reproduction, which prevails in the preservation and increase of the human tge, the genealogies show the historical bounds within which the persons and events that marked the various epochs are confined; whilst the law of selection determines the arrangement and subdivision of such historical materials as are employed. Not one of these can be regarded as an established truth, or as the unanimously accepted result of geognosis.

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