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In high school, I discovered my father’s briefcase, his initials engraved on it. What is a Woman? I wasn’t comfortable with that, and now I’ve got a good idea why I wasn’t.

Yes, and I loved it! Until the 1st time I was beaten up, I didn’t know how I would have survived the trauma. I really enjoyed reading through the book. I’m not all that aware of my gender, but I know I’ve got one.

When I was told that I looked like a boy, I walked like a boy, I acted and moved and spoke like a boy. Basic black looks best We all change our genders—but that’s not the point.

It doesn’t take long once you go out into the world and start interacting with society to learn that these traits are not considered “lady-like”. An oppressive class system of two, and two only, classes, usually held in place by the assumption that the class system is “natural,” in which system one class has nearly total economic and political power over the other. Neither does most of her book. Look at the Pretty Butterflies When I wrote the first version of this book, people suggested that I write down everything I’ve learned about gender.


I’m liberal, ace, and genderqueer, and there is a lot of stuff I did not agree with in this book. Here’s a short list of factors that—in addition to gender—do more than meddle with our lives. Well, I think that postmodern theory put into practice is exactly what’s going to take our culture in the direction of more freedom of identity, desire, and power for everyone.

This book does not have those faults–rather, it is an honest, sometimes intense, but always funny and compassionate look at how we are gendered and what we can do about it. Try it every day at first. We’re no longer juggling what really matters in life.

My New Gender Workbook

Additionally, the book was written workbokkand the author seems to be very interested in the Internet revolution that was taking place at that time. Who are your role models? The introduction of any third factor into a space that’s defined as two and two only will break that space and leave it powerless. But gender doesn’t equal sexual preference—well, it sort of does, but doesn’t really. The struggle to get out of the cocoon triggers a chemical process in the butterfly that allows it to live once it’s out.

I don’t question what’s natural. The cute li’l caterpillars weave weave weave and end up with a cocoon all around them.

My New Gender Workbook : Kate Bornstein : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I tried skipping through sections, but that was confusing. Interestingly, at one point she includes a little quote from a queer woman of colour who notes that it is impossible bodnstein her to play with gender because of racist misogyny.

Why isn’t there some agreed-upon manual we could hand our youth and say, “Here, honey. Here are a few examples: Workboom that make sense to you? With My Gender Workbook, Kate Bornstein brings theory down to Earth and provides a practical approach to living with or without a gender. Yes, gender is reflected in yin and yang and the inherent duality and non-duality of the universe. Also, cultural appropriation and mock portrayals of religion is not something I am okay with.


nornstein That’s right—there are still lots of pirate clues to follow, in order to find the treasure! It’s one thing to say that someone has a vulva, vagina, clitoris, breasts, ovaries etc.

Rather than presenting different options and asking difficult interesting questions, My Gender Workbook has a strong agenda, all the exercises push you towards that agenda, and there’s not a lot of other interesting stuff, especially if you’re already familiar with the level arguments. There is no such thing as gender. Does your gender match up with the real you? Fun layout, cute graphics, but too many problematic aspects appropriation of native terms ie.

I bet things are still a bit scary and a bit serious for you in your life.

Yes—for some reason it’s very important to me to do wokbook. Most cultures assign some permanent, immutable gender at birth. Respectfully ask them what it was like. The concepts referred to by both words tend to get jammed into one word, “sex,” as in: Minus 5 means it’s completely controlling your life for the worse, 0 means it has no discernible effect on your life, and plus 5 means it’s making your bornxtein a whole lot easier and more comfortable to live.

I didn’t choose to read it, that’s for sure.

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