WHAT IS THE PROCEDURE IN THE KATARUNGAN PAMBARANGAY LAW? 1. While the dispute is under mediation conciliation or arbitration, the prescriptive. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT NO INDIVIDUAL CAN GO DIRECTLY TO COURT OR ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICE FOR ADJUDICATION OF HIS/HER . Pambarangay Law? As a general rule, all disputes may be the subject of barangay conciliation before the Katarungang Pambarangay, except for the following.

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However, petitioner Agbayani’s only proof is her bare claim that she personally checked the records and found that her Comment was missing and 36 new documents had been inserted.

For, the irresistible thrust of the assailed CA decision is that the DOJ Secretary is peremptorily barred from taking a second hard look at his decision and, in appropriate cases, reverse or modify the same unless and until a motion for reconsideration is timely interposed and pursued. All told, we find that the CA did not commit reversible error in upholding the Katarungxng dated May 17, of the DOJ as we, likewise, find the same to be in accordance with law and jurisprudence.

A party-litigant is to be given the fullest opportunity to establish the merits of his complaint or defense rather than for him to lose life, liberty, honor or property on mere technicalities. This show of liberality is, to us, within the competence of the DOJ Secretary to make.

Petitioner Agbayani alleged that Undersecretary Pineda unfairly heeded only to the arguments interposed by katarunhang Genabe in her comment; and the CA, in turn, took his findings and reasoning as pambarqngay truth.

Katarungang Pambarangay

A recipe for success? The complaint-affidavit, however, failed to show that the instant case was previously referred to the barangay for conciliation in compliance with Sections andparagraph dof the Local Government Code, which provides: That the petition was filed beyond the period prescribed in Section 3 hereof. People[28] oral defamation or slander is the speaking of base and defamatory words which tend to prejudice another in his reputation, office, trade, business or means of livelihood.


However, at the time the Resolution of the DOJ was issued, a total of forty-one 41 documents [14] formed part of the records of the petition. The records of the case likewise show that the instant case is not one of the exceptions enumerated under Section of the Local Government Code.

The failure of petitioner to comply WITH ANY of the foregoing requirements shall constitute sufficient ground for the dismissal of the petition. The case of First Women’s Credit Corporation v.

Barangays of the Philippines Philippine law Legal codes. Retrieved 18 December Agbayani discovered this when she went to the DOJ to examine the records, as soon as she received a copy of the DOJ Resolution of her motion for reconsideration. Hence, the instant petition. Findings of the Secretary of Justice are not subject to review unless made with grave abuse of discretion.

This decree was replaced by the Local Government Code of As for Document Nos.

The Court further stated in Guy that when the DOJ Secretary took cognizance of the petitioner’s motion pqmbarangay reconsideration, he effectively excepted such motion from the operation of the aforequoted Section 13 of DOJ Circular No. Cosico, with Associate Justices Hakim S. We shall first tackle Agbayani’s arguments on the first two issues raised in the instant petition.

Pineda Pineda found that: Effect of failure to comply with the requirements. Almost all civil disputes and many crimes with potential prison sentences of one year or less or fines 5, or less. Respondent Genabe actually mentioned on page 2 of her petition for review to the DOJ the name of the petitioner as the private complainant, as well as indicated the latters address on the last page thereof as RTC BranchLas Pias City.

Per Section 12, R. Contrary to the findings in the assailed resolution, we find that the subject utterances of respondent constitute only slight oral defamation.


ResusPhil. The system exists to help decongest the regular courts and works mostly as “alternative, community-based mechanism for dispute resolution of conflicts,” [1] also described as a “compulsory mediation process at the village level.

Katarungang Pambarangay – Wikipedia

Here, petitioner Agbayani failed to show that the instant case is not one of the exceptions enumerated above. Agbayani Katarungabg assails the resolution of the Department of Justice DOJ which directed the withdrawal of her complaint for grave oral defamation filed against respondent Loida Marcelina J.

As shown by the records, the parties herein are residents of Las Pias City.

Retrieved 13 December Neither has she shown that the oral defamation caused on her was so grave as to merit a penalty of more than one year. Upon receipt of the complaint, the chairman to the committee, most often the barangay captain, shall the next working day inform the parties of a meeting for mediation. It is well to be reminded, first of all, that the rules of procedure should be viewed as mere instruments designed to facilitate the attainment of justice.

According to Undersecretary Pineda, the confluence of these circumstances was the immediate cause of respondent Genabe’s emotional and psychological distress. We recall that in the morning of December 27, when the alleged utterances were made, Genabe was about to punch in her time in her card when she was informed that she had been suspended for failing to meet her deadline in a case, and that it was Agbayani who informed the presiding judge that she had missed her deadline when she left to attend a convention in Baguio City, leaving Agbayani to finish the task herself.

He may, motu proprio or upon motion, dismiss the petition for review on any of the following grounds:

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