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I appreciate your advice in this matter. I am really surprised that you have told me about my mothers demise at early age. Add Luck in Life by Crystal.

Hasta Rekha Sastram Malayalam

HE has a high level of accuracy in his predictions. Almost everything in my past life he had predicted and everything he mentioned about my personality is true. Views Read Edit View history.

While I’ll take your input as guidance, in the end, I believe it is our actions or gekha inaction that shape our destiny, and the will of human resolve to overcome odds offers us the ability to alter if not completely change final outcomes.

Puneet Bangera July 12, at 4: Thanks again for your patience in answering my numerous queries. I am really overwhelmed by your work ethics.


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The report is satisfying overall, married life was a concern on reading the report as we are happily married from 9 years now, however we stayed away from each other for quite long time due to jobs in different countries.

There are so many similarities.

She had many experiences with palmists and women in witchcraft. And actually I just have clients from my hometown in Germany.

Sidhartha August 4, at 3: Dang Viet Thao December 10, at I am a bit stagnated on the career front right now, and after the consultation, I see a certain direction. Irfan Baig June 5, at 9: Thank you Sir ji for helping me out some of my life’s problems.

The basic posture of Mohiniyattam is parted feet, knees bent outwards, an erect upper torso, gentle 8-shape side to side swaying of body along with hips Ati Bhanga. With Regards, Vimal Mistry. We were very impressed at your interpretation.

Mr nitin reply is prompt precise and satisfying. Part of a series on the. I believe in our own self rekkha hard work but his report will act as a guide to make my journey easier. I’m really feeling amazed, but somehow I feel also worried about chances of deprivation of credit and false allegation.


I didn’t ask him very specific questions, but he included a lot of details. Hello NitinI don’t have words to describe your knowledge. May God bless rekhz University of Texas Press.

Aattam is a Malayalam language word, and means rhythmic motion or dance. People often thinks that we can change our life by palmistry and astrology, but the truth is your life can only be change by counseling from a professional palmist and astrologist, and thats what nitin ji is.

He is a big help for me and I’m sure also for others. But its very sad to know that, I unable to do business until Anonymous November 24, at 8: Would definitely recommend to anyone contemplating having their palm read, as he provides an honest palm reading with positive remedies. I guess he wants them read seriously now, so here it is.

Predictions about my past were accurate. Amazingly close to perfection.

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