John Wheeler met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Paperback: pages; Publisher: Non-Duality Press; Revised edition. Shining in Plain View [John Wheeler, Non-Duality Press] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. John Wheeler attracts a growing audience of. Posts about John Wheeler written by Non-Duality America.

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There is no person with all of its preferences and partialities trying to negotiate every experience. With the emphasis off of the mind and the conceptual story, you will be much more present, because there is no filter.

The Horseshoe is the heart of the campus, with its lush lawn and brick-path promenade that showcase nearly a dozen 19th century buildings and a multitude of towering trees, including Southern magnolias and majestic live oaks.

There is literally nothing you need to do or practice. It is wheelrr into the mind and thoughts that is the pulling away from life as it is happening. It is the person that gums up the works and creates all the problems and supposed solutions.

So instead of being concerned with the states or actions, realize that the real existential problem, if there is one, is the subtle sense of being a separate person that can tend to creep back into the picture.

They were always fun and a nice experience. Create a website or blog at WordPress. No Person John Wheeler.


Everyone Is Going Conscious: John Wheeler, Nonduality Pointer

Can the mind really do anything except produce words and memories of past events and label things after they have happened? Library Extracts Reviews Recommendations. I’m sure he’s doing just fine and that he’s just chilling and taking time to be.

However, it appears his meetings in Santa Cruz are no longer happening. Unitarian Universalist Church, Room Ultimately, you have no control over the mind states, so let them be.

Bob Jarmusz January 17, at 1: Even when this happens, it does not in fact change what you really are. I will spend more time on it when I can. There is no need to try to become something, even some more present and engaged person. I found this profound and wanted to find more information by John, this I went searching and found his blog.

The downside of losing interest in the story is that the mind can misinterpret this as a pulling away from or aversion to activity.

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Spotlight on Teachers Tags: John Wheeler – The Natural State website. A Vastness All Around: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. John’s website has been inactive for some years.

We just overlooked it due to the old concepts and habits. Through his blog, Bonduality has attracted readers and spiritual seekers from across the globe. Awakening to Your Natural State http: You are always what you are, presence-awareness. Non-Duality America We hope you enjoy our vision! Black rain on the temple roof. Do I know who I am?


I simply sit with the presence of Beingness. Please tell me what you found regarding John Wheeler’s blog. Lose nonduakity concern that there is something significant about the mind and emotional states.

There is just the simple sitting with the wafts of rosemary and the soft gurgles of water. Click here to become an email subscriber, its easy! Again and again, I bring my cupped hands to my face and relish the camphoraceous scent. The real clarity comes from jojn the absence of the person.

Your nature is luminous, ever-present, radiant, perfect, being-awareness. He lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and enjoys conversing with those who are vitally interested in self-knowledge.

I sit on a bench in front of the gun-metal, three-dish fountain its steady murmurs formed by a thin stream of water. At least in my experience, I have found that to be the case, because my job demands that I be fully engaged at nondduality times. I was contacted by a gentleman who told me that nobody has heard from John Wheeler in awhile.

Without that focus, you are much more fully energized and present and alive. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! As always, just have a look at what is aware of the looking.

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