JBL 4530 PDF

Below is the on the left and on the right. Not to scale of course. I have a set of the s that came with JBL woofers. They’re. Used Jbl for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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When Greg Lake sang he sounded like a God. The “D” dimension is the lip surface that is glued onto the cone, if there is more than 3mm of gluing surface if will be perfect.

10″ Foam Surround Repair Kit to suit JBL Speakers A A TLX LX (FS ) | eBay

I’d be curious to hear what others might think. Or am I better off with the for my speakers? Queensland Speaker Repairs is a long established business operating continuously for nearly 30 years.

I like Hz as the crossover point. The C34 scoop with it’s “rounded” back end looks interesting as well, as a “prettier” alternative to the Which begs the question: The did shine on two applications: This was in a very large auditorium and the “throw” was terrific!

If the “A” Dimension is bigger than you require, kbl can easily be trimmed to suit your dimensions This is very common for.

I saw the Jbo Salad Surgery tour in the early 70’s which was the only ‘truely’ quadraphonic system in the world at that time. They’re efficient and have great bass. Just will require extra planning to figure things out. According to the JBL data sheet Hz is the maximum recommended upper end.


Repairing your speakers should take around 30 minutes in total. I have a set of the s that came with JBL woofers. The is a better bass horn. Below is the on the left and on the right. I’m handy enough with woodworking that I’ll be building whatever I decide on, assuming I can get some better 5430 than what I’ve come across so far.

Jbl The rebuild ( photos )

Thank you in advance. Return details are listed towards the bottom of the page. If you are still uncertain of which surround to choose, please contact us with the “ABCD” Dimensions as per diagram supply in the listing and we will help choose the correct surrounds for you. But the plans available here are difficult to read and not overly comprehensive.

They used an exclusively JBL system top to bottom, even all the amps, processors and 3 main consoles.

Other Media Files : JBL 4530

Link to instructions and instructional video. I have used with H and H and found it to be a great unit with either driver. You must be within 5mm from your required dimension, so it does not affect the performance of the speaker.

It is important to measure your jb, accurately to ensure you order the most suitable surround.

If you cut the surround unevenly it can be easily covered by a gasket for a neat finish. The reason I don’t like the is due to the shape and because the supposedly has more of a kick to it. The C40 would be easier to build. If an item is marked as “No Returns Accepted”, the item cannot be returned for a refund, exchange unless an item is deemed to contain a fault.

I remember seeing Emerson Lake and Palmer live in the mids and Greg Lake 45330 using a side-by-side pair of cabs the dual 15″ version of the with a pair of horn lenses on top as his bass rig.


But my research shows that mostly hard rockers are using this enclosure. Kbl the invent that you order the incorrect item, our commitment to you is. I’m really into the and yes, I’ll be using subwoofers with it! Perhaps they are including feet in their dimensions.

People forget the two most important things for sound, the physical interfacing of gear and acoustics, and engineers who know what they are doing.

You will have to plug one or two holes with it.

Two Crown DCAs were powering the ensemble. I have been using ‘s for over 30 years and they now reside down stairs with the original ‘s that I installed in when I built this pair, and I had an actual jbl pair to take all the measurements from. Australia Post International parcel services.

However, to achieve the detail and definition you desire you will need to do your real homework on your midrange and tweeter selection and the corresponding crossovers 5430 tie it all together. For 44530 and vocals it would be ideal to get the crossover points below Hz and above 4, Hz to avoid phase shifts in the critical listening zones, but I guess you knew that already going into this. Getting mixed signals on the still.

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