Jamil Bashir Oud Method (VOL1 & 2 pdf) – update II – I was thinking that it may Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1 · Jamil Bashir Oud Method. THE OUD. The Way to Teach It. Volume 1. by Jamil Bashir. Teacher of Oud, Academy of Fine Art, Baghdad. Prepared by Habibe Zohor El-Abeas. I had an introductory course in Oud last year and it only lasted for four weeks and only two classes per Jamil Bashir Oud Method – Part 1.

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Any ideas or feedback on this?

I haven’t checked the jpg infosso if the credit of this better quality files goes to ahmad, I join you to thank him. Musical signs notes its a language lets you write and read music and it consists of 7 letters different in shape so you can know the difference between the level of the steps of the baahir voices.

Oud Method – Oud Method by Bashir

Volume 2 was unorganized jpg files and volume one was in 4 separate filesI’ve put them in order, arranged the sizes and contrast and gathered them in a convenient single pdf file for each volume and I printed them for my use. Damascus Member Is Offline Mood: I am really touched by all your kind words, thank you all. I’m sure this book would sell enough copies worldwide and continue to be regular seller to make it a worthwhile investment venture, as well as an act of love.

See what others think.

Jamil Bashir Oud Method Exercise – Oud for Guitarists

Marina Oud Junkie Posts: Here is a partial pdf, if someone has comments and suggestions it is better to share them at this stage: Very, very, very Cool!!! Believe me dear Alami, without the tremendously excellent initiative taken by you and anyone who loves Arabic music, this outstanding heritage will certainly; in the best case scenario; be kept on shelves and covered by tons of dust, if not thrown down the drain.


The notes are definitely clear enough to read and follow, I don’t think anyone would have a problem making out the notation, and if anyone was to obtain a copy of Bashirs method with the level of clarity of music notation you have acheived, they would be happy, it looks very good.

I’ve taught myself the ud, and I’ve only ever used an old Lebanese oud method book by Joseph Fakhouri which always shows the same “f” to be played with the 3rd finger. The idea of a translation is good, I can embed or add english pages in the pdf and I can do it for the pieces titles and composers names, but for the first 25 pages with text I unfortunately don’t have enough time or enough good English and knowledge of the musical terms to do it, however I could do a French translation.

Jamil Bashir Oud Method Exercise

Beirut Member Is Offline Mood: I don’t think we’ll be able to have this book reprinted, no matter how much determination there is. Your post is naturally appreciated, Alami But credits for creating the pdf should go to the person with email ahmed zeryab.

If only I could read Arabic! The musical notation could be a bit sharper, but this would require more work on your part which might be very time consuming, such as touching basihr the notes in photoshop or similiar software. Well done again CQ. All the answers of the sharp and flat and voice if you add the 8th voice with the 1st voice tonic we imagine it is from the kind of answer of the loud voice.

I will give myself a right that I don’t have, at least a few hundred around the world will do Jamil Bashir the honor of spending hours, days, months hamil years learning oud in his books, I believe he’d approve Alami, It’s a wonderful job that you did, and an effort that shouldn’t go unappreciated. Sorry a misspell, now it is fixed Canada Member Is Offline Mood: I hope everyone enjoys and good luck.


Would it be possible to post these two pages in higher resolution – with, perhaps, a general explanation of what they mean for those of us who are still have a lot to learn about the history and art of the Ud? A lot of the exrecises have finger numbers written on top of the notes.

Bosnia Member Is Offline Mood: As you say “a few hundred around the world will do Jamil Bashir the honor of spending hours, days, months and years learning oud in his books”, Thank you to give us the bullets to reply against their war.

Like many others I had a very bad quality photocopies of photocopies and I was complaining of their quality, so a friend gave me a while ago on a cd a folder full of unorganized jpg files of better quality to be exact: Melbourne Oud Junkie Posts: Hi all- The Bashir method certainly is one of the nicest oud methods I have seen, not that I have seen them all, but this one is definitely top drawer and thanks again to Alami for posting it on Mikesouds.

Whatever fingering it takes to play the music with clarity, feeling, emotion, sensitivity and with proper speed and precision and feel comfortable and freely express one’s own unique individual approach to playing oud is what is important I think. MatthewW Oud Junkie Posts:

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