This exhibition highlights the Jami’ al-Tawarikh (“World History” or “Compendium of Chronicles”) of Rashid al-Din, one of the masterpieces of. Khalili Collections | Islamic Art | This copy of the Jami’ al-Tawarikh is without doubt one of the greatest illustrated medieval manuscripts. During the reign of Uljaitu (–17), this text was expanded into the Jami’ al- tavarikh, or Compendium of Chronicles. The text initially comprised three volumes.

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Later, Rashid’s son became Vizier, in his own right, and expanded the restored university precinct of his father. The passing of the moment once more restricted the intellectual horizons and vision of Persian historians.

MSSfolio 45a. It then passed to the court of the Mughal Empire in India, where it was in the possession of the emperor Akbar r. Folio 11a a of the reconstructed manuscript Founder of the Qin and Han dynasties ; with the seal of Shahrukh [see illustration].

Folio 11b b of the reconstructed manuscript Emperor Wang Mang of the Xin dynasty. Retrieved 2 February Shagdaryn Bira, Mongolian Historical Writing from totr. The very possibility of its compilation reflects the cosmopolitan culture of early14th-century Tabriz, where texts in Latin, Arabic, Persian, Syriac, Mongolian, Chinese and Sanskrit were available and everything from Chinese handscrolls to Old Testaments and Gospels from northern Europe could be used as appropriate illustrative material.

There is then a record of it passing through the hands of later Mughal emperors for the next few centuries. Retrieved from ” https: This material derives entirely from oral sources.

File:Birth of Muhammad from the Jami‘ al-tawarikh (big).jpg

The second part, on the tawarukh of the Popes and emperors, is based on the popular history by Martin of Troppau d. The second section of this part is on the other people of the world encountered by the Mongols, including Oghuz Turks Ger. The following 3 pages uses this file: The three women on the left take the place of the three magi. Views View Edit History.


The grandfather of the prophet Abd al-Muttalib on the right takes the place of Joseph. As noted by A. Folio 22a a jaami the reconstructed manuscript The mountains between India and Tibet with a female pilgrim in Indian dress 15 x In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Views Read Edit View history. Petersburg University Library, OP.

Petersburg, The earliest dated manuscript made for Shahrukh includes the original text and additions by Hafiz-i Abru, along with other histories, and is dated Topkapi Palace Library, MS B Karimi, ; partial ed. They made great use of chinoiserie motifs, and their use wl wash and line rather than opaque watercolour gives a superficial similarity to recently excavated Yuan tomb-paintings in Inner Mongolia. Retrieved 16 February It is a different section of the History than that of the Edinburgh version, possibly from a different copy.

A History of the Mongols3 vols. The miniatures are ink drawings with watercolour washes added, a technique also used in China; although they are generally in good condition, there was considerable use of metallic silver for highlights, which has now oxidized to black.

Note that a few countries have copyright terms longer than 70 years: Edmund Bosworth, Richmond, This, no doubt, reflects the important role of his oral sources of information, which in this case probably included the Amir Nowruz, who is specifically mentioned as an informant ed.

The oldest known copy is an Arabic version, of which half has been lost, but one set of pages is currently in the Khalili Collectioncomprising 59 folios from the second volume of the work.


Category:Jami al-Tawarikh – Wikimedia Commons

Barthold, Turkestan down to the Mongol Invasioned. MSSfolio 36b. The Suwar al-akalima geographical compendium.

Another set of pages, with folios from the same volume, is owned by the Edinburgh University Library. The miniatures have an unusual horizontal format and only take up about a third of the written area; this may reflect the influence of Chinese scrolls.

His father was an apothecary and he himself trained as a physician, entering the service of the Ilkhan Abaqa r — Yet he was not merely a great administrator: April 10, This article is available in print. Some differences in style can be observed, but these can be attributed to the difference in date. The Edinburgh part has a page size of A Bio-Bibliographical Survey2 vols.

JĀMEʿ AL-TAWĀRIḴ – Encyclopaedia Iranica

In view of these precautions, it is ironic that so few early manuscripts have survived. This part of the manuscript was discovered in the s by Duncan Forbeswho found ttawarikh among the papers of Colonel John Baillie, so this section is sometimes referred to as “Baillie’s collection”. Idem, Literary History of Persia4 vols. Bregel as Persidskaya literatura …3 vols. A compendium of chronicles: Blair, A Compendium tawaarikh Chronicles: Metropolitan Museum of Art. The surviving portions total approximately pages, with versions in Persian and Arabic.

Some parts of the surviving text are heavily illustrated and other parts not at all, apparently reflecting the importance accorded to them.

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