Brill’s New Jacoby (BNJ), a thoroughly revised English edition of Felix Jacoby’s Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker: Parts I-III (nearly. While produced two centuries ago and superseded by the monumental edition of Felix Jacoby (Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker), Müller’s FHG is still a. Die Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker is available in print, and now also online as part of the online reference work Jacoby Online. Please click here for.

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Nonetheless, I fear that the price will keep this fine tool out of the hands not only of most individuals but also of many smaller libraries who would be hard pressed to use so much of their funds on a single product or who might be reluctant to buy this if they already own the print version. Die Geographen offers work that was left uncompleted by Jacoby and contains completely new material giving the original Greek texts with translations and jacobt.

Two fonts, Gentium and Greek, are automatically added during the installation process. A pool of editors is currently trying to complete this task Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. Ajax web pages are automatically generated to increase the usability of the huge amount of FHG contents. His research has focused on ancient history and religion and on Greek mythology.

Now it takes a bit gdiechischen fumbling about in the print version to discover all this, but in fact it is even more difficult to do this with the electronic version for the simple reason that in order to find these addenda and corrigenda you need to know what volume of the printed edition you are in so as to go to the correct volume. The project was divided into grifchischen parts, of which only the first three were published. Second, some fragments are given in German, if they survive only in non-Greek sources e.

It will allow easy searching throughout the texts and commentaries of FGrHistand there is an obvious convenience in being able to use a single CD instead of 18 massive volumes. The interface is excellent, the search functions are reliable and swift, and the page face is a model of good design. And this, one would think, is exactly the benefit of electronic publication: Yet the sheer bulk of the material and the lack of transparency of the plan make the Fragmente der Griechischen Historiker difficult to use and deer is often avoided by students.


It also returns to their right hstoriker the often overlooked fragmenta and testimonia given by Jacoby in the addenda. The main text is Diodorus, but parallel readings are included alongside Diodorus’ text and are subdivided “1c” through “1q”. There is a histodiker Search” function that allows immediate navigation to a particular testimonium or fragment, if one has a standard reference to FGrHist.

The program defaults to a home page that contains an excellent detailed history of Jacoby jacobby his work on FGrHistwritten by Mortimer Chambers this is also printed in the booklet that accompanies the CD-Rom. Autoren ueber verschiedene Staedte Laender [Nr.

I found this to be a most convenient feature, and its ease of use may even encourage students to consult the app. The first included the mythographers and the most ancient historians authors ; the second, the historians proper authors 64— ; the third, the autobiographies, local histories and works on foreign countries authors At the risk of great presumption, might we then hope for Jacoby 2. My inquiry to the publisher indicated that there are no plans at this time for a Macintosh edition.

Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (DFHG) | Digital Humanities

For word searches in Greek, one clicks on the box and a pop-up window with the Greek characters a “character-picker” appears. In general, the indexes make it a simple matter to ascertain which historians had read or not read the works, now lost, of their predecessors, thus throwing light on the contents of libraries as well as the transmission of historical texts and their lifespan. Or at the very least might those little marginalia of “a,” “c” and “v” be made interactive, so that users could move more easily between the text and the appendices?

Die Geographen General Editors: Eventually, he or she will discover that Jacoby wished the T1 which comes from the Suda s. You can scroll through the hits by using the buttons at the bottom of the page, which makes searching very convenient.


It would be most beneficial if the publishers could find some way to bring the price more within the range of libraries, if not also of individuals.

I am sure that a vast amount of work and much money must have gone into producing this CD, and of course it wouldn’t be cheap these days to buy all 18 print volumes. The work was started in and continued by him till his death in In Microsoft Word, I had grichischen to use “Match Destination Formatting” to change the font from that used in the program to the one I use which is Antioch. The raw data files histogiker inserted into the SQL DB enriched with information useful to perform searches and citation extraction.

Digital Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum (DFHG)

Click on the fragment or testimonium number, and you are fratmente to Jacoby’s commentary on that specific piece. Vorrede, Text, Addenda, Konkordanz [Nr. Every fragment is translated or summarized into Latin. That would be a pity, since the CD has the potential to make working with FGrHist so much quicker and more convenient. Euthyphron son of Herakleides Pontikos.

Brill’s New Jacoby: Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker

In particular, it is very suitable for providing rapid, broad coverage and an extensive foundation upon which a new generation of born-digital editions of fragmentary texts can build. Autoren ueber einzelne Staedte Laender [Nr. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Parts I-III nearly complete, estimated date of completion: New additions include an apparatus criticus and a discussion of the provenance of each fragment where relevant, as well as revised commentaries on the ancient authors in BNJ and updated bibliographies, all of which set BNJ2 significantly apart from the previous edition.

Imperial and Undated Authors, by J.

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