Using delightful and deceptively powerful stories from everyday experiences, beloved Buddhist teacher Sylvia Boorstein demystifies spirituality, charts the path . In It’s Easier Than You Think: The Buddhist Way to Happiness, Sylvia Boorstein, a California-based teacher of Vipassana meditation, weaves together teachings. It’s Easier Than You Think The Buddhist Way to Happiness. By Sylvia Boorstein. A relaxed, down-to-earth primer on Buddhism.

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The author presents a very long, convoluted page path to happiness. Mar 19, Ruhegeist rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 13, Bill Krieger rated it it was ok.

It’s Easier Than You Think: The Buddhist Way to Happiness by Sylvia Boorstein

The chapters are short and sweet, the personal anecdotes down-to-earth and relatable. Sep 03, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. I love reading Sylvia Boorstein’s uplifting essays of practical and personal wisdom gleaned from Buddhist teachings. But there is no willfulness or purposefulness about stirring it up Obviously, not rock Sylvia B is awesome! I think I allow myself to be brokenhearted more easily, knowing I won’t be irrevocably shattered sylvoa.


It’s Easier Than You Think Quotes

Return to Book Page. Mostly which I love through personal experiences, anecdotes. A good example is “Larry King and the Swami”.

And above If I could remember everything I read in this little book, I would be well on my way to being enlightened. The line between voorstein and wanting is so very difficult to negotiate, but Silvia shares stories and insights that illuminate the path and the purpose of mindfulness practice.

Truly enjoyed this book.

A very informative introduction to the practice of Buddhism with personal opinions from the author’s own experience. You just have to go up them. The Buddhist Way to Happiness. I don’t do it. Refresh and try again. But I forget so quickly. I love the idea that we are “verbs not nouns;” “stories that are telling themselves. Most importantly, I firmly believe that things like happiness and control are easier than they are presented a lot of times.

Hope this ends my summer hiatus. I’ve read some good books that reflect this simplicity. Open Preview See a Problem? It does a great job introducing the process.


Sep 19, Codii rated it it was amazing. Like Goldilocks’s favourite porridge, it’s never too hot or cold, but warm and comfortable and nourishing. It’s Easier Than You Think: I loved this book and would like to own a copy of it.

It’s Easier Than You Think Quotes by Sylvia Boorstein

Of course, the ways in which she and I are “not perfect” don’t bear comparing-but then, comparison is a useless activity anyway. Suffering is not inevitable. With each chapter being no more than three with the exception of one that is still only about seven pages long, it makes it a very easy to understand book with no confusing details.

Along with the stories are wonderful nuggets, phrases, that vividly capture a concept or experience. The interviewer even specifically asked her to wait 60 seconds to answer one of his questions.

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