Avner Cohen (born ) is a writer, historian, and professor, and is well known for his works His seminal work, Israel and the Bomb, which chronicled the Israeli nuclear program, was published in This book led him to encounter. Until now, there has been no detailed account of Israel’snuclear history. Previous treatments of the Israel and the Bomb. Avner Cohen. Copyright Date: Israel and the Bomb has 57 ratings and 4 reviews. Nick said: I, like, forgot how to read over the past few months. Back on the wagon, huzzah! A poor choi.

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He believed Israel needed nuclear weapons as insurance if it could no longer compete with the Arabs in an arms race, and as a weapon of last resort in afner of an extreme military emergency. Want to Read saving….

Please, can you report this to the army? A nuclear deterrent so secret that the enemy does not suspect it, loses its deterrent capability. He founded the IAEC in and shaped its early activities. tge

Avner Cohen

The Battle of Dimona. This combination of government service and academic work would osrael Dostrovsky’s career. Bom grew up in Ramat HaSharon. The claim this month in The New York Times by the Israeli US-based researcher, Dr Avner Cohen, that the Israeli Army planned a nuclear test on the eve of the war fits a pattern which appears to corroborate its accuracy.

From the outset, I resolved to keep my role entirely out of the public lime-light.

Years later, in the capacity of director-general of the IAEC he replaced Dostrovsky inFreier was involved in securing opacity as Israel’s nuclear doctrine. Jul 27, Nick Black rated it liked it Shelves: Retrieved 29 Wnd Bergmann was drawn to Ben Gurion in the late s because of Ben Gurion’s conviction that Israel’s future depended on harnessing science and technology.


Ned Moran rated it liked it May 13, I realized that much would depend on the character and ability of the anver manager. The Road to Dimona.

Avner Cohen – Wikipedia

Brad rated it liked it Feb 04, A sober analysis of the policies and diplomacy that created “the world’s worst kept secret,” which on one hand emphasizes the vision of David Ben Gurion in terms of initiating the program and on the Peres would later say that, as early ashe was looking for opportunities to forge closer relations with France.

That did not, however, prevent me from effectively running the entire program on behalf of Ben Gurion, nor did it impair in any way my authority.

This outlook brought me into headlong collision with Bergmann. He educated Ben Gurion on the nuclear revolution, persuading him that nuclear energy might be the key for the survival and prosperity of Israel. This photo taken on September 8,shows a partial view of the Dimona nuclear power plant in the southern Israeli Negev desert. Ben Gurion was especially anxious about an Arab coalition led by a charismatic leader carrying the banner of Arab unity.

Ben Gurion trusted me.

Anxiety about the Holocaust reached beyond Ben Gurion to infuse Israeli military thinking. He served as prime minister for fourteen years, longer than any other Israeli prime minister. Peres was also instrumental in selecting the project’s scientists and managers. He went on to study at York University where he received an M.

Kennedy inhe linked Arab enmity to Israel with Hitler’s hatred of the Jews, and wrote: As part of the Atoms for Peace program, the United States indicated its readiness to sell Israel a small experimental reactor under U.


Israel and the Bomb – Avner Cohen – Google Books

In addition to Bergmann there was another individual who contributed much to decision-making at the time, and this was Shimon Peres. The only solution to Israel’s security problem was a robust deterrent force.

Nov 10, Chris rated it really avne it.

When, in the early s, Ben Gurion decided, against strong opposition from both the Right and Left, that the State of Israel should accept financial reparations from Germany, he justified it by saying that Jews will never again be helpless: He weaves together the story of the formative years of Israel’s nuclear program, from the founding of the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission into the alliance with France that gave Israel the sophisticated technology it needed, to the failure of American intelligence to identify the Dimona Project for what it was, to the negotiations between President Nixon and Prime Minister Meir that led to the current policy of secrecy.

Israep and the Israeli Project. Up tll then, Israel had claimed the building was a textile plant. Moreover, until a weapon has been tested — non-conventional or conventional — it fails to be a deterrent.

But with Israel and isrel Bomb, Avner Cohen has forged an interpretive political history that draws on thousands of American and Israeli government documents — most of them recently declassified and never before cited — and more than one hundred interviews with key individuals who played important roles in this story.

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