Shaykh Ibrahim Memon Madani. Allah Ismul Azam. Asma al-Husna (). 0 out of 5 0 Ratings. Loading player File. Tags. Ismul Azam Al-Ismul Azam (Arabic: الاسم الأعظم) or Al-Ism al-A’zam[1][2][3][4] (also known as “Ismullah-al-Akbar” (Arabic: اسم الله الأکبر),)[5][6] is considered in. ISMUL AZAM. • IIUM MEDICAL CENTRE. • IIUM Kuantan Campus. • Email address: [email protected] ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION. • Diploma in Nursing.

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In aaam it takes the form of material pursuits, in others it takes the form of religious and mystical pursuits. You will not be given a second chance to set things right. This desire is weak in some and strong in others. Where the Love flows so incessantly, the devotee drinks of it and becomes love-intoxicated….

The quest for this love molds human actions. The Imam in his benevolence and love for the murid grants him a personal key to the spiritual universe and the possibility to ascend to that peak from whence he has potential of vision of Noor of Imamat and the quenching of that insatiable thirst for love.

Its status is so great, that it defies all speech….

The craving for this direct experience is innate in all of us. The real quest for the vision of the Noor begins when a murid fights the buffeting currents and vicissitudes of daily life and begins to hear the call of the divine and the desire for vision of Noor possesses his azaj. How shall I extol for you this divine ecstasy! Currently he is concluding the script of a full-length ismu, of the 10th Century trial of the Sufi Saint Mansur al-Hallaj in Baghdad based on historical facts.


What about people who are not so gifted and not born with the natural capacity of development for spiritual experience? It is a process of divine alchemy which is sung in the Ginan Jire vala, dhan re ghadi: The most enchanting verses of a Ginan of Pir Sadardin which describe the agony of a love-thirsty soul resonate in his heart: Human language cannot attain to the majesty of the Imams.

That which was base metal Transforms to gold and begins to shine by divine alchemy. Allah is mindful of this innate human desire for love and direct vision.

Each murid has his personal connection with the Imam. Do meditate on the Word, and recite Pirshah as often as possible….

Ismul Azam | Revolvy

The key to this spiritual universe is Bol. He has thousands of physical habitations, but his true home is traceless; he has had a thousand names, but all of them refer to one reality. Further in his Memoirs, the Imam expounds on this very theme and says: Shiraz Pradhanin parallel with his work as an international engineering consultant, has contributed for several years to furthering religious education among the Ismaili community in the UK, Canada, USA and Japan.

The Imam is the most precious ingredient in the supreme elixir miraculous substance of eternal life-red sulphur. Depth psychology which recognizes this craving in a totally different form states that human psyche has great capacity and an insatiable desire for love.

What is Ismul Azam

Those who look at the Imam as they squint will consider him like any other human being, but as soon as the eyes of the heart perceive correctly, his true status is discovered. The true essence of the Imam cannot be recognized with earthly, fleshly eyes, for these can only see his physical form, perishing like all else with the passage of time. The personal spiritual bond of bayah allegiance between ismuo Imam and the murid is the cornerstone of this bond.


Avail yourselves of a few days of life which are at your disposal isml and look after your spiritual elevation under the care of your spiritual parents. Every murid has a desire ismhl this vision of Noor.

No amount of literature read or listened to, Could help to attain this experience of happiness…. A question naturally arises in the mind: Paras perse to Loha raang pelte To jagmag jyote jagaye. Your souls are thousand times more important than your bodies. He is not simply a pearl, but the ocean that gives birth to pearls. In Ismailism, the path to direct experience of the divine reality of Allah through the Noor Light of Imamat becomes a very personal and private affair.

Baitul Khayal accords us this opportunity. The thirst for love that philosophers had talked about becomes a reality. But for the interest they took in you, you would not have been what you are. In form the Imams change, but in meaning and substance they are changeless.

The Imams are your spiritual parents. The existence of the Imam, who leads humankind to a recognition of God, is the very pinnacle of creation.

His true face is to be perceived with the eyes of the heart. Allah grants a gift and a means for this direct experience to all:

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