Irit Rogoff is a writer, teacher, curator and organiser. She is Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths London University, a department she founded in This text is the first section of “What is a Theorist?”, see You can find Irit Rogoff’s extended deliberations on criticality in her recent text. Goldsmiths, University of London has launched a series of publications considering the discipline of visual cultures – one of those ushered in by Hall and .

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Generali Foundation and Walter Koenig, pp. A philosophy of curating. When we in the West, or in the industrialized, technologized countries, congratulate ourselves on having an infrastructure— functioning institutions, systems of classification and categorization, archives and traditions and professional training for these, funding and educational pathways, excellence criteria, impartial juries, and properly air conditioned auditoria with good acoustics, etc.

Now we think of all of these practices as linked in a complex process of knowledge production instead of the earlier separation into creativity and criticism, production and itit.

Accompanying the celebrations and tributes to the rangy, generous contributions made to cultural studies by the late theorist Stuart Hall have been some contemporary glossings of the academic discipline for which he became a figurehead, and appraisals of its success. Rogof, Republic of Korea: As part of the freethought collective — continuing from several initial projects at the Steirerischer Herbst Festival and at Former West — a project investigating Infrastructure as affective economies and subjective membranes within world structures, will be one strand of the Bergen Assembly Those moment of silent epiphany in which we have realised that things might not necessarily be so, that there might be a whole other way to think them, moments in which the paradigms we inhabit cease to be self legitimating and in a flash are revealed to be rogofv more than what they are, paradigms.


Art explored how the work of a contemporary artist might provide pathways into a broader understanding of a culture by wrapping the art work in several layers of archives and performative reflection. BAK is responsible for the website content. BAK, basis voor actuele kunst. D program in theorizing the curatorial.

Mika Rottenberg at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art, London

She has also published in periodicals such as Art Journale-flux journaland Third Text. TransGlobe publishing and Thames and Hudson, pp. Geography and the Politics of mobility.

With the work of Kutlug Ataman. Art and the Contemporary after Mirzoeff,2nd ed. Counter Knowledges and Permissions.

Together with colleagues she formed the freethought collective in and they are co-curating The Bergen Assembly in Oblique Points of Entry. However, for all of its mighty critical apparatus and its immense and continuing value, critique has sustained a certain external knowingness, a certain ability to look in from the outside and unravel and examine and expose that which had seemingly lay hidden within the folds of structured knowledge.

The Expanding Field Rogoff, Irit. Rogoff areas of supervision include: Projects such as A. We show our respect and acknowledge the irir owners of the land, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation.


Maria Hlavajova and Simon Sheikh, eds. Engendering Terror Rogoff, Irit.

Prof. Irit Rogoff

One is after all always at fault, this is a permanent and ongoing condition, since every year we become aware of a new and hitherto unrealised perspective which illuminates further internal cultural injustices. Participating Singularities — Ontological Communities. Neither police, nor pirates. Public Program Joselina Cruz. Unfolding the critical Rogoff, Irit and Stahre, Ulrike. Who do WE face? Was ist ein Kunstler. Igit a curator and public organisor Rogoff has been involved in a series of exhibitions, the public programs they generate and the possibility of constituting public study platforms at the gogoff of numerous occasions.

YHamburg Kunstverein, MuHka Antwerp VanAbbe, Eindhoven brought together large groups of intellectuals, curators, architects and artists to pose rogfof about the forms that learning might take within public institutional culture.

Looking Away—Participations in Visual Culture. But have no fear, I am not about to rehearse upon you the long march from Structuralism to Deleuze with detours through feminism, psychoanalysis and colonialism. We pay our respects to their Elders past and present and their descendants. Rogkff Held and Henrietta Moore, eds.

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