Irina HOLDEVICI, Professor, Ph.D., Bucharest University (BU): Chap. Elemente de psihoterapie, Editura AII, Bucureşti. Ionescu, G. Irina Holdevici’s 20 research works with 14 citations and reads, including: Hipnoza în psihoterapie. Irina Holdevici has expertise in Physics and Space. download PDF Carti De Psihologie Hipnoza In Psihoterapie book you are also De Inductie Hipnotica, Volumul -Hipnoza Clinica, De Irina Holdevici, Cuprinde Andrei Athanasiu – Elemente De Psihologie Medicală Andrei.

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Journal of holddevici disorders, 18 1 In fact, the coexistence of a dominant paradigm with opposite approaches is not unusual for science. By the same token, a particular risk factor is rarely specific only to anxiety because the causes of mental illness tend to spread their effects over a number of adaptive functions.

Intervention techniques at behavior level 53 Chap. In this context mental health is not merely the absence of dysfunction or impairment, it rather refers to optimal functioning in psychological and social domains, to the well being and to the presence of personal and interpersonal strengths e. Unraveling the Mistery of Health.

These unique variables, the expression of fundamental research, are represented by specific techniques that directly attack maladaptive coping mechanisms and cognitions. For example, genetic engineering is based on fundamental research of genetics; chemotherapy is based on fundamental research of biochemistry and pharmacology.

Clinician’s guide to evidence base and applications. Irina Holdevici este Prof. In the ‘s a great mistake of the cognitive-behavioral therapists had occurred. The cognitive level refers to information content and processing. In case of positive or negative subjective states, the subject tries to cope with them. Hypnosis as the cognitive psychologist views it Chap. For clinical practice, both scientific and interface theories are useful, but for science and research only a scientific theory is useful.


Terapie-cognitiv-comportamentala (carte).pdf

This period in the evolution of science is characterized by the facts that: For example, in medicine besides the dominant biomedical paradigm there are also other approaches, some of them quite exotic see for example, psychosocial approach, acupuncture etc. D-sa este secondat de colaboratori mai tineri. Holdevico of axis 1 clinical axis of DSM describe the pathological modifications at subjective, cognitive, and behavior levels.

The most important figures were those of Albert Ellis and Aron Beck. The probability of onset, greater severity and longer duration of anxiety may increase as a function of the number and the “toxicity” of the risk factors encountered; risk factors appear to psihoterape additive effects on vulnerability. The stress irinx technique is useful at this point for teaching the patient adaptive coping mechanisms to help him deal with distress.

A number of anxiety predictors are common antecedents of several different types of mental disorders. For example, marital discord has been found to precede both anxiety in children and depression among women.

Irina Holdevici

Therefore, the experimental cognitivebehavioral therapy is an eclectic one at a technical level but not at a theoretical level. Cognitive-behavior therapy and hypnotherapy.

Conversely, theory should be stated in terms that permit researchers to test it at an experimental level Eysenck and Keane, The quality of preventive intervention is related to the clarity of the theoretical model. The authors argue that behavior is a function of intent and is governed by two broad influences.


Modifications of the autonomie nervous system generate the intensity of our subjective state. Science and practice, 11 3 Preventive programs should focus primarily on high-risk groups. The consequences are represented by positive and negative reinforcements and by punishments; 2 modifying the antecedents and the consequences with specific techniques in order to eliminate an undesirable behavior see the chapters two and three ; 3 follow up; 4 focusing on the second problem etc.

As a result of the new ftndings, many governments from different countries shifted away the emphasis from treatment to prevention of illness I Health Promotion ‘s and ultimately to promotion of health.

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The more positive these are the more likely one is to engage in any elemeente behavior. In psychotherapy, the fight has taken place between behavioral therapy and cognitive therapy. The individual reports such thoughts “I am going to die”perceptions, images, certain motives refer to the content of our information processing.

This is either because of a marked stressor 1. Achieving good health is one of the major concerns of contemporary societies. An open trial of an acceptance-based behavior therapy for generalized anxiety disorder.

Theory, Research and Training, London: The dialectical behavior therapy workbook for overcoming depression and anxiety.

A paradigm is a general set of ideas, drawn up by theorists within dee particular discipline.

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