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Replaced defective Component BUA and component 1R, after a few hours, a day or a week the same components are again defective. The designation looks as if it may datzsheet fried with it and the value is impossible to read. If all goes well, your set should automatically generate its own black space at the top and bottom of the screen.

I replaced D burned and R This suspicion is lent some weight by the observation that ST Micro has incorporated an internal metal shield into the design of their STVS chip, the latest generation irffi9630 this series of IC’s. Replace C, when it is burnt. Flyback transistor, q is ok.

irfi96630 Then after couple of days it would not turn on led turning on on front panel but dead. If it does not, add an extension wire before resoldering it. I require the equivalent of diode D which has only the marking 31DQ 06 8A as I have one which is short circuit.


IRFI Datasheet catalog

Green light on, no picture, no secondary voltage out of the power supply. When powered up again the fuse and trany went. Datahseet not skip any settings. Where can I find this part and is there anything else that needs to be checked? I need values for R and R For this type of component, contact Proview; they will sell parts, but have a minimum.

Identify the blue circuit and compare each capacitors that you find with the ones similar the the red or green circuits. Dell DH monitor CM chassis has no line drive vertical line on the screen. If I apply 5V at contrast pin 17 of video processor or pin 5 of the DA converter video comes on and looks good.

Congratulations, you have found my web site’s hidden easter egg supplement. In the US, this Acer chassis is the Acer e. Replaced the component, the unit is now serviceable. Found HOT Q shorted, replaced. Q measures not shorted. Viewsonic 17GA monitor when it powers up, or changes scan rates, it takes sometimes over a minute for the screen to reach full brightness.


May test ok but change anyway. Tatung c7bzr monitor with a wide screen and severely pincushioned. You are now in the Adjustment mode 4.

It is positioned under the CRT and also any other chips that may be problems in this area. Components other than C only need to be replaced if they are burnt, off-value, shorted or open.

(PDF) IRFI9630G Datasheet download

You will probably need several attempts for each setting. This chassis is similar to the Acer 76e. The led is amber and there is a constant clicking. It also has an overheated R Check voltage from regulator that it is not too high by subbing ho transistor with 25 w lamp connected where collector, emitter went.


Packard Bell monitor. The usual problem is either a defective Q, or bad solder on Q, sometimes also causing R ohmlocated across B-E of Q, to burn as well.

Returns to full width instantly when case is flexed.

iPhone X