Set in the near-future, Into the Forest focuses on the relationship between two teenaged sisters as they struggle to survive the collapse of society. In many ways . Into the Forest is a Canadian drama film written and directed by Patricia Rozema. The film is based on the book written by Jean Hegland published in Apocalyptic tale of sisters surviving in a forest in northern California.

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Nell goes to the car to get the headlamp but fails to close the hatch door, left open all night the car battery is drained, so they are left stranded for days.

Into the Forest, Jean Hegland

Fair warning, there is really no action in this book and it is very slow paced. She places a wife, a husband, and their two daughters, Eva and Nell, on 50 acres of second-growth redwood forest in northern California—the idea seeming to be that since the location is remote to begin with, news of the outside world would filter in slowly. If reading about day-to-day existence would not interest you, then this might not be a book you’d appreciate, which is fine.

The apocolypse is neither here nor there. Their father, an iconoclastic grade school principal, has decided to keep them out of school, and their mother has encouraged each of them to follow her own passions. This is particularly frustrating because, in order to imagine her feminist pagan utopia, Hegland feels the need to “evolve” the sisters along traditional gender lines, with one receding into the standard female role while the other ‘rises’ to the occasion to become the provider, hunter, problem solver.

It is the first fiction book I’ve read about unschooling and it delivered! See 1 question about Into the Forest…. Forget those dishes, Nell, and find me the jack. Nell is the younger of the two and has been struggling with losing the close relationship with her sister when Eva finds an obsessive passion for dancing.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it for anyone who is a fan of dystopian or post-apoplectic books, just don’t expect much to happen for at least the first 50 pages, but just try and be patient.


Le Festin nu — Biarritz. By the way, I cried at the end as I was very moved. This story takes place in a heglnad time but it is not a post-apocalyptic book. Throw in the towel. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

But I did enjoy the whole ballet theme with Eva, as I have family members in ballet, as professional dancers. Unto Nell almost leaves her sister to follow the dream of her boyfriend who shows up months later at her door, and after Eva is brutally raped by a stranger, the girls slowly succumb to the realization that things are not going to change. Shortly after their mother passes away from cancer, signs of an economic collapse begin to emerge with regular power outages, gas shortages and constant news of war, plagues and rioting on the radio and television.

Preview — Into the Forest by Jean Hegland.

It isn’t until their mother dies that they start to leave the house, visiting town once a week. Yo After a string of lighter reads, I felt ready and relieved to tackle something with more rhe, more darkness, and so I picked up Into the Forest from the jran having little to no idea what I was about to get myself into. Their belongings slowly compost along with their sense of time, their ambitions, and their childhood.

Into the Forest by Jean Hegland | : Books

I didn’t like this book, I’ll just get that out of the way. First, the beginning is very, very slow and I imagine a lot of people would simply put the book down hefland stop reading.

What exactly is it expressing? I, um, pretty much talked her into buying a book that I kinda wanted to read. Today is Christmas Day, and Christmas Day is one more day to live through, one more day to be endured so that someday soon this time will be behind us. The fictional town of Redwood reminds me of Sebastopol. Hall du livre — Nancy.

Into the Forest « Jean Hegland

In town there will be food in the stores and gas at the service stations. The writing was so beautiful and the descriptions were gorgeous and haunting and made the characters and images leap off the page.


Two sisters go into the forest with their family and later must learn to survive on their own. I also had fascination with Claire’s use of plants for medicinal purposes in the book Outlanderwhich is also a part of what happens in this particular tale.

Everything the girls mainly Nell learned, she learned on her own, through her own interests, from books, from trial and error, from invention. Despite the fact that their happy world is rocked when their mother dies of cancer, they and their father are determined to carry on.

I suppose it’s like the way people ha i had some difficulty relating to the main characters, but the story of the slowly crumbling infrastructure of the united ofrest is incredibly compelling, and i found myself thinking, “oh my gosh, that could really happen On the other hand, Nell was more needy.

Louise Non pas lu je vais regarder!! Later, Eva attends dance class while her sister meets up with Eli, a boy she has a crush on. Into the Forest Set in the near-future, Into the Forest focuses on the relationship between two teenaged sisters as they struggle to survive the collapse of society. Raconte-moi la Terre — Lyon.

A series of events leaves the girls stranded on their homestead, surviving on dwindling stores, and no contact with the outside world. Stores quickly empty, and desperation and fear set in. She has taught creative and literature for many years, both in California and abroad. While I can understand that the story is supposed to be the journal of a booksmart year old, it was hard to stand it for an foreet novel. I imagine that the way they acted would probably be somewhat realistic if you really did lose all the things we take for granted, but still Into the Forest adaptation 5 39 Jul 09,

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