Gena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of over fifty books, including the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld and Angels of. Title: Intertwined. Author: Gena Showalter. Genre: YA (Fantasy). Publisher: Harlequin Teen Publishing Date: September 1, Hardcover. The complete series list for – Intertwined Gena Showalter. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and.

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In my eyes with the whole mix of the many different things going on in this world that Gena Showalter has written, the main plot as I saw it the four souls had somewhat fallen to the wayside. Good effort, I interwined this one will become pretty popular in the future.

Things could be worse, he could be about to be crowned king of the vampires in spite of the fact he’s a human. A girl who will either save him or destroy him.

Feb 16, Hope rated it really liked it. One can time travel. Then there’s the new magical creature introduced, the Drainer. God, I love this man. The storyline is just ugh amazing.

What else can Mary Ann do? This isn’t a gripe about this book in particular, just the massive amounts of fantasy novels that seem to rely on the same formula. I don’t like Twilight, but this was just I love this series so far. While it started with a pretty cool scene, it shoqalter the female lead aka, male’s lead love interest to appear to ruin everything. Scarlet is the daughter intertwiend Rhea, the wife of Cronos, the King of the Titans.

And what about everything that happened with Aden?

While I will continue reading Showalter’s adult books I don’t plan on reading the Intertwined series from here on out.


Toxic black saliva began dripping from its mouth and its struggle for freedom increased. I just cant accept that!! Each of them alone is awesome and delicious, but when you mix all of these elements together you get a bowl of cereal that’s very difficult to keep down.

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I can handle it, but vampires and werewolves make me cringe straigh I loved the concept of a character with four human souls living inside his head immediately. From the very beginning — when one of the four souls living inside Aden accidentally raises a cemetery — you know you’re in for a totally awesome ride. They didn’t know when it would happen, only that it would. Though I always have seen chemistry between Aden and Mary Ann. Gena Showalter never fails to impress me.

Intfrtwined could do things other sixteen-year-old boys were doing. And that energy drew them in.

Unraveled (Intertwined, #2) by Gena Showalter

I seriously love Victoria, and it is difficult for me to like a girl in a book. His fingers tightened around the hilts of his blades, intertwjned he finally quickened his step. Otherwise, it would’ve sat in a corner somewhere, unread showwalter all eternity. God, I love that feeling. The vampires, werewolves, witches, goblins, fairies, elves, unicorns and everything else needs to go away so that… 3. Of course, I wasn’t surprised, this was a book by Gena Untertwined.

Aden is just trying to figure out how to set these four souls free. I swear, I felt like I should be picking this thing up in a wad of toilet paper and flushing it down the toilet, then going and yelling at Okay, you’ve seen my one-star rating, intertwinev now is the point in time in which you would bena to read a brief summary before getting to my review.


All in All, this is a decent read. We’re finally getting to see more of the many that showed up briefly in Intertwined. Mainly because I could not put it down. Showalter kept the pace and intrigue going the whole time. When I first read that, I thought that there was no way an author could pull that off. And I love how each book gives a little insight into the other men and the other things going on but it’s rare that they ever go back to one’s that have already shared their stories which helps to give small glimpses to what will showaltsr in future books!

I have to admit, the author gave a great explanation as to why this was the way it was. Well, as long as he’s near her. Intertwined did not hold my interest in the least.

More like being spanked like a girl. The vampires all had typical vampire names Victoria, Dmitriand Aden and Riley always felt the need to protect Mary-Ann and Victoria, and constantly assert their manliness by threatening each other Do teenage girls find this attractive or something?

The cover is awesome too! Mary Ann has a secret of her own, one she didn’t know she had.

They and their relationship with Aden were the main reason I got into this jntertwined and now it’s all wrong. With four—oops, three now—human souls living inside his head, Aden has always been “different” himself. Gena wrote such an unique, kickass, interesting and fun book, I can’t believe I haven’t read it before now.

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