The SAP BW InfoSource is a concept which used to be mandatory in a 3.x dataflow. It is a view that had to be created between the DataSource and InfoProvider. In the BW Processing Transfer Rules, individual DataSource fields are assigned to the corresponding InfoObject of the InfoSource. Here you. SAP BW Data Flow – Learn SAP BW in simple and easy steps starting from Overview of BI Objects − InfoSource, DataStore objects, InfoCube, InfoObjects, and.

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Click on Create F5 at the bottom. If you are dealing with an InfoSource with flexible updating, then the data is updated from the communication structure into the InfoCube into other data targets with the aid of the Update Rules.

Now we can clearly see that an InfoSource is simply a communication structure.

The transfer structure is used to transfer data to the BW system. Click to check the ABAP routine.

You can define the InfoObjects of the InfoSource as iinfosource. The statement should appear as shown on line We recommend that you use this type of data flow if your data flow not only contains two different sources, but the data is to be written to multiple identical or almost identical targets.

These keys are used to aggregate the data records during the transformation. Modelling window,right-click the InfoSource—demo: In this case, the data is written straight to the target from the source using a transformation.


Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry inofsource in job interviews? Click to pass the message. The next step is to create a Data Transfer Process. For example, you need one transformation to ensure the format and the assignment to InfoObjects and an additional transformation to run the actual business rules.

SAP BW InfoSource

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The data in an InfoSource is updated to an InfoProvider using a transformation. Got to learn new things from your Blogon Appium.

Thanks for Information IT online infoosource. You can connect sources and targets that are independent of this transformation. These VirtualProviders are based on the data source or an InfoProvider and they take characteristics and key figures of the source. Data flow in data acquisition involves transformation, info package for loading to PSA, and data transfer process for distribution of data within BI.

There is one transformation between the DataSource and the InfoSource and one transformation between the InfoSource and the target. If this indicator is not checked, you can select more than one source system and a Virtual Provider can be considered as a multi-provider.


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You create the data transfer process from a DataSource to an InfoProvider. I am excited to read more of your sites content. The required business intosource are applied in the subsequent transformation between the InfoSource and the target.

Click to return to the main screen. Enter a name for the Transfer routine,select the option All fields,and then click to continue.

use of infosource in SAP BI

This transformation converts the source field in to the format of the target. Posted by Sandeep at You have created the communication structure.

However, it ij be necessary to use one or more InfoSources for semantic or complexity reasons. The DataSource is connected to the target by means of an InfoSource. You can use different transformation, rule types from the list of sxp rules and you can create simple to complex transformations. If you compare this with other Virtual Providers, this is more generic and offer more flexibility, ingosource you need to put a lot of efforts in implementing this.

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