Infinite Intelligence mistakenly names Meher Baba as the author and has numerous other serious problems. Infinite Intelligence has 10 ratings and 0 reviews. As stated in the Foreword by Meherwan Jessawala: This book plumbs the depths of esoteric. One Infinite Intelligence is omnipresent, abiding in and pervading the Universal Infinite False Mind, the individual infinite false minds, and the gross and subtle.

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Want to Read saving…. Richard is currently reading it Jan 14, But the real harm lies in the fragmentation of information.

Others believe they are transcriptions of notes taken while Baba dictated the information on a slate board. On page we are informed they were added. BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 05, The last section of the essay explains editorial philosophy and practice.

Infinite Intelligence

Ken rated it it was amazing Mar 30, On focusing exclusively on the intellectual difficulty of the notebooks, the editors are trying to create a monopoly of knowledge that is unnecessary in the first place.

It has three aspects: No trivia or quizzes yet. The overall similarity of these notebooks suggests they may have been purchased at the same time as part of the same allotment.

This assertion reveals stunning arrogance. Meher Baba was an Indian spiritual master who said he was the Avatar, God in human form.

Summary of Infinite Intelligence Primer

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Published November 22nd by Sheriar Foundation first published Phil rated it it was amazing Apr 16, The fine universe is prominently labeled over a blue background.

The examples below typify the problems of the redrawn figures. Excerpt from Infinite Intelligence Some of the apparent contradictions and disjunctures between Infinite Intelligence and God Speaks, then, prove to be, on close analysis, nothing more than changes that had taken place in the usage and meaning of certain key words between the mids on the one hand, and the late s, s, and s, on the other. Throughout most of the s, Meher Baba worked with a category of spiritual aspirants called masts, who he said are entranced or spellbound by internal spiritual experiences.


You cannot derive any benefit from looking at this material yourself. But the profundity and originality of the treatment here attests to a point of view that is rooted not in convention and intellectual tradition but in the Reality, and to an Authority which goes beyond what the limited human mind is capable of.

Judging from that passage, the original material is no more intimidating than infinkte more orderly rewrite.

Meher Baba: One Infinite Intelligence Is Omnipresent

After the sixth or seventh such infiniye, they begin to seem disdainful. Neither mrher Missing Book nor original notes have been found. In fact, of the creation of the Intelligence Notebooks as a finished manuscript, we see three separate literary acts: The redrawn versions are nicely rendered and visually pleasant, but they complicate and camouflage information. There is no evidence that Baba saw them. Baba is the ultimate originator of everything, but that does not mean we should slap His name on books we write.

They add appendices, a glossary, speculative essays, philosophical ruminations, sundry insights, and tortuous endnotes and footnotes. Knowing in the first sense a means creating the universe; and knowing in the second sense b means realizing the universe.

Then why rewrite the notebooks to read like philosophy, repackage them like a babq, and add intellivence of pages of academese? This is an important topic, since the editors have found it necessary to revise the original prose in order to make it intelligible to a general readership. Adam marked it jnfinite to-read Aug 01, One might argue, contra the position being set forth here, that the textual borrowing that occurs within Infinite Intelligence as All in All itself denies significance to the borrowing between the two parts.

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Why does the glossary in God Speaks, which Baba approved when He was in the body, seem to work so much better with every other book and discourse Baba published during His life Discourses, Listen Humanity, The Everything and the Nothing, Beams, Life at its Best than it does with Infinite Intelligence, which He did not publish or sign in His lifetime?

Lists with This Book. Excerpts from Infinite Intelligence about The General Public The last section of the essay explains editorial philosophy and practice.

Course info

Rather than using the figure to enrich and clarify larger concepts, the reader ends up flipping through page after page of text to make sense of the figure.

Figure 17 in Infinite Intelligence. Lois marked it as to-read Mar 22, Michael Harden added it Sep 28, Baba may have used His own words in different ways at different times but that does not justify redefining the majority of them for a book He did not write. The book’s theme is an ageless one, ever old and ever new: They were apparently jeher by somebody in the audience.

Frank Davis marked it as to-read Nov 20,

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