Delphine Lettau, Charles Franks, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team. IMMENSEE BY THEODOR W. STORM TRANSLATED BY C. W. BELL M. A. Immensee By Theodor Storm. ‘Immensee’ is around forty pages long. So, it is closer to a long short story or a short novella. The story starts with. Theodor Storm (), one of the leading literary Realists of the nineteenth century, achieved world-wide popularity with the novella Immensee in

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I think the poems and the songs must be more beautiful in the original German.

I fell in love with it all over again, with the beautiful Elisabeth and the wonderful Reinhard and the kind Eric and the beautiful landscape that Theodor Storm creates.

When he got back home it was dark. The story starts with an old man getting back from a long walk to the place that he is staying. On a terrace in front of the door leading to the garden sat a girlish figure dressed in white. At last Elisabeth got tired and sat down in the shade of some overhanging branches.

Immensee and Other Stories

After acting coy, she eventually sings for Reinhard. Do you hear it?

immnsee She sits among the wild thyme, She sits in the fragrant air; The blue flies hum around her, Bright wings flash everywhere. Book ratings by Goodreads.


Reinhard thrust his hand into his pocket, but Elisabeth was before him, and hastily emptied the entire immenxee of her purse into the beggar’s open palm. On the surface it is a simple love story divided into ten scenes as framed by the remembrances of Reinhardt as an old man thinking back to his youth, his childhood love for Elisabeth, and his friend Erich who ends up marrying her.

It is unforgettable in one’s life when love is first awaken by the other person. It is really sad in the end.

Can I ever hope again?

Immensee by Theodore W. Storm – Full Text Free Book

Wie die Klassiker halt so sind, manche altern besser als andere. Jan 14, Kristina added it. Next came to view a little parcel containing neatly embroidered linen, handkerchiefs and cuffs; and finally letters from his mother and Elisabeth. Views Read Edit View history. Elisabeth had twice rejected Erich’s proposal. Nov 06, Ata rated it really liked it.

Immensee by Theodor Storm

It was the work that made him famous and remains to this day one of his most widely read. Recently managed to get a German version from immdnsee vintage store. It was all well appointed; the people who were working on the land or at the vats all had a healthy and contented look.

Not far from his lodgings he caught sight of a little girl, dressed in miserable rags, standing before a tall door, in a vain attempt to open it. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. All at once he was seized with the desire to see it quite close, so he threw off his clothes and entered the water. A splendid little novella I believe recommended by Joshua, thanks man!


With this same object in view, he entered the room one afternoon while Elisabeth was standing by the window and sticking some fresh chick- weed in a gilded birdcage which he had not seen in the place before.

At the end of the latter, on a projecting mound, there was a bench under some tall birch trees.

Reinhard broke the seal and read, and ere long he came to this paragraph: The story then takes us back to the past when the old man was a boy of ten called Reinhard and his best friend and sweetheart was a girl called Elisabeth who is five.

At late dusk, in his mind’s eye, the old man once more catches sight of the water lily on the lake through the window. Does the story have a happy ending?

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