I have been unable to find the fix for this error. ~~ ImageMagickObject. MagickImage.1 error ” convert: Postscript delegate failed. I have the x64 version of ImageMagick. When we got the “Postscript delegate failed” error, I looked it up and found HERE that I needed. What is wrong here? IS where convert is called: burns:~ peter$ convert rrr. eps convert: Postscript delegate failed `’: No.

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I have reinstalled IM Updated to latest build 6. Then you can upgrade. Sign up using Facebook. I have followed your steps and i have attached a screenshot. When I try to convert the same image from the asp page I get the following: The ASP page still does not.

I decided that it would make more sense to let IM do it programmatically when a user requests a web file that doesn’t exist. Please note that only few pdf file have this issue, for othter pdf it just worked fine. Got a patch for a bug? Seems like something is locking up.

  EN 60034-3 PDF

OK well that means that GS works, and is able to open the file without problems. MSpreij 12 For this reason, I prefered to install Ghostscript 9. Charlie Kee 1 9 If not, the problem could still be with ImageMagick and we will investigate imagemagjck. Our website is written in asp and I wanted to try a quick demo to see if it would work. Weslei Prudencio 3 5. Rebuild ImageMagick from source. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Post as a guest Name.

error: convert: Postscript delegate failed – ImageMagick

I then installed gs and the same command worked properly after that. If you want to try the version I am using, I can place it somewhere you can get to it.

It’s basically the same as SimpleTest. Little Endian CPU s: Have you tried using. I hope you get it figured out. Also what version of Ghostscript are you using? Email Required, but never shown. Just to check the fact that GS is working properly. KenS 22k 1 21 Yes, this is probably the correct answer in general. Thanks for the update.


However, I don’t get any errors, the browser just keeps “Waiting for faoled. Hi Ken, Thanks for your help. So maybe that’s another possible cause. I have used IM from the command line for a couple of years to convert pdf files for viewing on the web. When downloaded, launch the Ghostscript package.


I was receiving the same error message. Total Ram on Server: When I run convert logo: Well, its telling you thre is no such file or directory.

No such file or directory: Sign up using Email and Password.

– Postscript Delegate Failed – ImageMagick

delegaye I downloaded the 6. The last update is 9. If you provide me an email address, I can send you a zip file that has the asp page and pdf that I used for testing. Nowaker 9, 3 42 I am using GhostScript 8. We verified that the SimpleTest. We are interested in getting this problem fixed.

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