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INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. First edition. Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) –. General requirements, tests and test conditions –. IEC ELECTRICITY METERING EQUIPMENT (A.C.) – GENERAL REQUIREMENTS, TESTS AND TEST CONDITIONS – PART METERING. Buy IEC Ed. Electricity metering equipment (AC) – General requirements, tests and test conditions Part Metering equipment from SAI Global.

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The holes in the insulating material which form an extension of the terminal holes shall be of sufficient size to also accommodate the insulation of the conductors. Thus, when the voltage and the current circuits of a measuring element are connected together in normal use, the test shall be made on the whole.

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NOTE The accuracy may be determined by the registration method or other suitable means. If the instrument transformers are taken into account in the meter constant, the transformer ratio s shall be marked.

The IEC collaborates closely with the International Organization for Standardization ISO in accordance with conditions determined by agreement between the two organizations. The other auxiliary circuits shall not be tested. Tests — Test Db and guidance: Enter the exact number of the standard: Test procedure in accordance with IEC Tests — Tests B: After these tests, there shall be no change at reference conditions in the percentage error of the 620522 greater than the uncertainty of the measurement and no mechanical damage to the equipment.

Where there is a difference between the definitions in the glossary and 26052 contained in product standards produced by TC 13, then the latter shall take precedence in applications of the relevant standard. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenced document including any amendments applies. The application of the RF field shall not produce a change in the register of more than x units and the test output shall not produce a signal equivalent to more than x units.


The maximum pulse frequency shall not exceed 2,5 kHz. Hammer tests IEC For polyphase meters, this diagram shall also show the phase sequence for which the meter is intended. The result is judged visually. In order to satisfy such requirements when choosing insulating materials for the terminal block sadequate testing of materials shall be taken into account.

Terminals of one current circuit are considered to be at the same potential. For this range, relaxed accuracy requirements may be specified 3. An insulation test according to 6205. The impulse voltage shall be applied between all the electric circuits and earth. Please contact the Customer Service Centre see below for further information.


Any divergence between the IEC Standard and the corresponding national or regional standard shall be clearly indicated in the latter. For rack-mounted meters, the mechanical properties are not covered in this standard.

Oscillatory waves immunity test.

NOTE 2 Operation and storage and transport of the meter at the extremes of this temperature range class 3K7 should only be for a maximum period of 6 h. If the meter has a measuring element for more than one type of energy multi-energy metersor when other functional elements, such as maximum demand irc, electronic tariff registers, time switches, ripple control receivers, data communication interfaces, etc.


Examples of markings are shown in Table 4. 62502 rise time given in Annex D, Figure D. The function of the meter shall not be impaired. Vibration sinusoidal IEC Dry heat Amendment 1: The distance of the optical pulse output from further adjacent ones or from an optical status display shall be sufficiently long that the transmission is not affected. The active tariff rate shall be indicated. Static meters for reactive energy classes 2 and 3 Replaces particular requirements of IEC Where the terminal cover makes it possible, the conductive foil shall approach the terminals and the holes for the conductors within a distance of not more than 2 cm.

Electrical connections shall be so designed that contact pressure is not transmitted through insulating material. Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields IEC If the meter is of a special type for example in the case of a multi-rate meter, if the voltage of the changeover device differs from the reference voltagethis shall be specified on the name-plate or on a separate plate.


The insulating properties of laquer, enamel, ordinary paper, cotton, oxide film on metal parts, adhesive film and sealing compound, or similar unsure materials, shall not be regarded as sufficient for supplementary insulation.

Protection may be obtained by insulating barriers. Electrostatic discharge immunity test. The clearance and creepage distances between terminals of circuits with reference voltages over 40 V shall not be less than stated in Table 3a. For a test under a simulated earth fault condition in one of the three lines, all voltages are increased to 1,1 times the nominal voltages during 4 h.

The appearance and, in particular, the legibility of markings shall not be altered. An optimum pulse transmission 2 is achieved when, under test conditions, the receiving head is aligned with its optical axis on the optical pulse output.

During the test, the behaviour of the equipment shall not be perturbed and the variation of the error shall be within the limits as specified in the relevant standards. NOTE The type is represented by the sample meter s intended for the type tests, whose characteristics reference current and reference voltage are chosen from the values given in the tables proposed by the manufacturer. The maximum current of the meter is 1,2 I n1,5 I n or 2 I n.

The terminal cover shall enclose the actual terminals, the conductor fixing screws and, unless otherwise specified, a suitable length of the external conductors and their insulation.

It also applies to operation indicator s and test output s. Unless otherwise specified, the normal conditions for insulation tests are: For current circuits, the voltage is considered to be the same as for the related voltage circuit.

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