ICC ANSI A117 1 2003 PDF

Trademarks: “ICC,” the International Code Council logo and “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC/ANSI Al )” are trademarks of the. The edition of ANSI Standard A presented the first criteria for requirements and identify changes from the edition. . ICC/ANSI A Major changes/additions from ICC ANSI A – found in the edition of A 1. ICC ANSI. A – Section. ICC ANSI A –

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A hori- zontal grab bar 24 inches mm mini- mum in length shall be provided on the control end wall beginning near the front edge of the bathtub and extend toward the inside corner of the bathtub. Where an acoustic cou- pler is used, the telephone cord shall be of sufficient length to anxi connection of the TTY and the tele- phone handset.

Where any obstruction within 1 8 inches mm of the latch side of a doorway projects more than 8 inches mm beyond the face of the door, measured perpendicular to the face of the door, maneuvering clearances for a forward approach shall be provided. Accessible water closets and toilet compartments shall comply with Section The swing-up grab bar shall be installed on the side of the water closet with the 18 inch mm clearance required by Section The angle of the water stream from spouts within 3 inches 76 mm of the front of the drinking fountain shall be 30 degrees maximum, and from spouts between 3 inches 76 mm and 5 inches mm from the front of the drinking fountain shall be 15 degrees maximum, measured horizontally relative to the front face of the drinking fountain.

Unless specified otherwise, figures are not part of the Standard. The clear adjoining surface maximum slope curb ramp maximum Sl Counter Sliope Fig. Where located in the side wall or partition, the door opening shall be 4 inches mm maxi- mum from the front partition.

The side edge of the seat shall be 1 7 ic inches 38 mm maximum from the back wall of a transfer-type shower and 1 7 2 inches 38 mm maximum from the control wall of a roll-in-type shower.


Gripping surfaces shall be continuous, without interruption by newel posts, other construction elements, or obstructions.

Existing elevators shall be permitted to have recessed call buttons. Vehicle pull-up spaces and access aisles serving them shall comply with Sec- tion and shall have slopes not steeper than 1: Braille instructions for initiating the speech mode shall be provided.

A walking surface that has a running slope steeper than 1: Automatic doors and automatic gates shall comply with Section Contains technical specifications for elements that are used in creating accessible functional spaces.

Unless otherwise specified, the clear floor space shall be positioned for either for- ward or parallel approach to an element. This standard is intended for adoption by govern- ment agencies and by organizations setting model codes to achieve uniformity in the technical design criteria in building codes and other regulations. Function key surfaces shall have raised tactile symbols as shown in Table Audible and visible car position indicators shall be provided in elevator cars.

Full text of “ANSI A (): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities”

Accessible stairs ic comply with Section The annsi shall provide a flow of water 4 inches mm minimum in height. The indication of an uppercase letter or letters shall only be used before the first word of sentences, proper nouns and names, individual letters of the alphabet, ini- tials, or acronyms. Revolving doors, revolving gates, and turnstiles shall not be part of an accessible route. Clear width of an accessible route shall comply with Table The level of illumination at the car controls, platform, car threshold and car ic sill shall be 5 foot-candles 54 lux mini- mum.

Shelves shall be 40 inches mm minimum and 48 inches mm maximum above the floor. A fixed shower head with the con- trols and shower 20003 located on the back wall opposite the seat shall be permitted. Where an administrative authority requires flush controls for flush valves to be located in a position that conflicts with the location of the rear grab bar, that grab bar shall be permitted to be split or shifted to the open side of the toilet area. Audible indica- tors shall comply andi Section Subscription pricing is determined by: Grab bars complying with Sections Access aisles shall not overlap with the vehicular way.


Measurement range Minimum in inches Maximum in inches Dot base diameter 0. Elevator doors shall be horizontal sliding type.

ANSI A117.1 (2003): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Side wall grab bars complying with Section A vertical grab bar 18 inches mm minimum in length shall be provided on the control end wall 3 inches 75 mm minimum to 6 inches mm maximum above the wnsi grab bar, and 4 inches mm maximum inward from the front edge of the bathtub. Braille shall be contracted Grade 2 braille and shall comply with Section Inside handrails on switchback or dogleg stairs or ramps shall be continuous between flights or runs.

As the voice of the U. The intent of this standard is to allow a person with physical disability to independently get to, enter, and use a site, facility, building, or element.

Shelves shall be 40 inches mm minimum and 48 inches 1 mm maximum above the floor. Floor surfaces shall comply with Section Where a tactile sign is provided at double doors with two active leaves, the sign shall be to the right of the right-hand door.

Where membrane keys are the only method of input, each shall be tac- tually discernable from surrounding surfaces and adjacent keys. Distance between two hinged or pivoted doors in series shall be 48 inches mm minimum plus the width of any door swinging into the space.

Locks used only for security purposes and not used for normal operation are permitted in any location. Accessible routes required by the scoping provisions adopted by the administrative authority shall comply with the applicable provisions of Chapter 4.

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