I BENANDANTI [Carlo Ginzburg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Con questo volume (apparso in prima edizione nel ) Carlo Ginzburg ha ricostruito una vicenda, che getta nuova luce sul problema generale della. The benandanti came armed with stalks of fennell, the witches and Carlo Ginzburg’s account of this Friulian ‘fertility cult’, as he calls it, first.

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View all 7 comments. InGiambattista Valento, an artisan from Palmanovawent to the superintendent general of the patria of the Friuli, Andrea Garzoni, and informed him of his belief that his wife had been bewitched. The latter of these women claimed that her deceased husband had been a benandanteand that he had gone on a “procession with the dead”, but none of them described themselves as being benandante.

Chapter one introduces the benandanti, their beliefs, and the inquisitors; chapter two describes the benandanti who associate with the dead and traces possible links of origin; chapter three returns to the benandanti and the inquisitors, and to the evolution of the benandanti identity; and chapter four sees the conclusion of the benandanti fitting themselves into the accepted mold of witchcraft. According to them, the purpose of these nighttime adventures were to fight witches who were trying to infect and kill crops; they saw themselves as protectors of the crop.

Not so much on a page-to-page level: This section is empty. Vehemently denouncing the actions of the witches, he claimed that the benandanti were fighting “in service of Christ “, and ultimately Montefalco decided to let him go.

And if you see this trend, to what do you attribute it? Agrigolante also named several other benandante who lived locally, including the village priest and a woman named Narda Peresut. It’s an interesting way to organize a book, but can be a little dizzying.

Night Battles: How the Benandanti Fought Witches During the Sabbath

The first historian to study the benandanti tradition was the Italian Carlo Ginzburgwho began an examination of the surviving trial records from the period in the early s, culminating in the publication of his book The Night Battles: Of course, the benandanti are the ones in direct opposition to the benandnati A Woman’s Work in Archaeology.

Apr 11, Dr. Like Xarlo Murray had [postulated that therer was an ancient pagan religion of Europe that was goddess and agricultural based that prdated Christianity.


Even cooler, there is evidence elsewh Who wouldn’t love this outstanding work of history? The book lacks a good conclusion and often the author is merely making educated guesses unsupported by the evidence offered. In another case, Ginzburg claims that the trances during which benandanti left their bodies were ointment induced or caused by illness The local inquisitors would be forced to investigate if only to stop a lynch mob. The questioning over, Gasparotto was benandanhi.

In the first part of the 20th century, the English Egyptologist and anthropologist Margaret Murray — had published several papers and books propagating a variation of the Witch-cult hypothesisthrough which she claimed that the Early Modern witch ginxburg had been an attempt by the Christian authorities to wipe out a pre-existing, pre-Christian religion focused around the veneration of a horned god whom the Christians had demonised as the Devil.

Curiously, Pagden ignores my hypothesis benanadnti the Friulian experience can be seen as an example common throughout Europe of the way in which judges and Inquisitors diffused and superimposed upon binzburg cultural strata a stereotype of the sabbath.

All benandanti insisted their bodies were left behind on their journeys. Although gaining some initial support from various historians, her theories were always controversial, coming under early criticism from experts in the Early Modern witch benandantk and pre-Christian religion.

The first English-language edition of the book. On certain nights of the year during the Ember Days, in the valley of Josaphat, the two met and did battle for the crops. It was the caul that identified a potential benandante to his or her recruiters.

Not of course that all of its victims were deviants: Whilst they combated the malevolent witches and helped heal those who were believed to have been harmed through witchcraft, they also joined the witches on their nocturnal journeys, and the miller Pietro Rotaro was recorded as referring to them as “benandanti witches”; for this reason the priest Don Bartolomeo Sgabarizza, who recorded Rotaro’s testimony, believed that while the benandanti were witches, they were ‘good’ witches who tried to protect their communities from the bad witches who would harm children.

This is followed by an exploration of the investigation into a midwife named Caterina Domenatta, who was accused of sorcery, and who admitted that both her father and dead husband had been benandante.


Little by little, the benandanti came to identify themselves with the witches. During and after the meal, Sgabarizza once more discussed the journeys of the benandanti with both Gasparotto and the miller Pietro Rotaro, and later learned of another self-professed benandante, the public crier Battista Moduco of Cividalewho offered more information on what occurred during their nocturnal visions.

Nov 27, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Carlo Ginzburg provides a fascinating window into how high learned culture and popular culture affected one another in the early modern world.

Night Battles: How the Benandanti Fought Witches During the Sabbath

While she did not claim to be a benandante, she did claim that she could see and communicate with the spirits of the deadand so Montefalco had her brought in for questioning on 1 January Jackson Hager rated it liked it Nov 20, The book contains four chapters and an appendix with a few of the transcripts included for reference.

One common belief was particularly extreme — a man named Moduco, addressing the inquisitors inexplained it: The ties between self-conscious modifications induced by force psychological, not physical, because in these trials torture was present only as a latent threatand modifications introduced at an unconscious level, throw light upon a series of phenomena which generally eludes us.

They have been recorded in depositions by the Holy Office from around s – s.

The accused witch told the local woman that she had no choice in the matter, since ginzbjrg things were up to God, and she should simply learn to live with it, as the accused had. Inthe benandanti first came to the attention of the Friulian Church authorities when a village priest, Don Bartolomeo Sgabarizza, began investigating the claims made by the benandante Paolo Gasparotto. Ginzberg puts forward several theories-epilepsy, hallucinogens, and others, but it is obvious to him and to us that they are insufficient.

The village of Pieris was benadnanti Monfalcone, across the Isonzo river and therefore outside of Friuli; it was nevertheless within the diocese of Aquileia.

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