Introduction La maladie rénale chronique constitue un véritable problème mondial de .. la grossesse était compliquée dans 50% des cas par un hydramnios. Synonyms, Polyhydramnion, hydramnios, polyhydramnios. Ultrasound Scan ND Specialty · Obstetrics · Edit this on Wikidata. Polyhydramnios is a medical condition describing an excess of amniotic fluid in the amniotic. Ces lésions peuvent être la conséquence d’une hypoxie chronique, d’une HTA De ce fait, l’indométacine a été proposé comme traitement des hydramnios.

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How is kidney failure treated? Renal pelvis or ureter cancer. Type I renal tubular acidosis is a heterogeneous disorder that may be hereditary, idiopathic or secondary to a variety of conditions.

Two of the pregnancies were terminated with therapeutic abortions, and two more are in progress. Sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma is a form not to ignore despite its rarity. The treatment was based on a combination of maximal surgical resection whenever possible and systemic therapy for metastastic disease.

Chronic renal failure is often associated with encephalitozoonosis. PurposeTo describe the incidence of multiple renal artery pseudoaneurysms PSA in patients referred for renal artery embolization following partial nephrectomy and to study its relationship to RENAL nephrometry scores. Selection and application of appropriate imaging modalities for patients undergoing per-cutaneous nephrostolithotomy enhances the safety and success of the procedure.

Active surveillance is an alternative for high-risk patients.

Case series

Under normal physiologic as well as hypertensive conditions, the influence of the renal sympathetic nerves predominates over that of circulating plasma catecholamines. Renal transplantation with a well-functioning graft leads to a rapid restoration of endocrine and sexual functions.


Careful long-term studies are needed to determine the human relevance of these experimental studies. Treatment of metastatic RCC remains highly challenging because of its resistance to chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy, besides surgical resection.


All reported cases of massive postpartum right renal hemorrhage have involved healthy young primigravidas and blacks have predominated 4 of 7 women. One patient revealed moderate gallium uptake in his kidneys. Future studies should be undertaken to examine patient benefits of the prescriber-based CDSS. The purpose of this overview is to discuss the potential underlying mechanisms leading to renal microvascular rarefaction, and the potential consequences on renal function and on the progression of renal damage.

Methods and Results We performed hemodynamic measurements in both renal arteries of healthy pigs using a Doppler flow and pressure wire. Since the introduction of catheter-based renal denervation, several observational and a small number of randomised controlled trials have been conducted. Results During the pharmacist- and prescriber-based CDSS study periods, 49, and 50, prescriptions, respectively, were dispensed for one of the included medications.

Chemical renal hydranios in the rat. Nephrolithiasis chronisue renal tubular acidosis. Renography can be replaced with CT volume calculation in estimating split renal function. We hypothesized that pressure and volume in the renal compartment are not linearly related, similar to other body compartments. Because the patient with previously existing renal pathology is asymptomatic, when these ruptures do occur one should be suspect of underlying disease.

The first clinical features of cerebro-oculo- renal diseases usually develop in early childhood and deterioration of kidney function and even end-stage kidney disease may occur in a young age.


Abstract Staghorn stones are large branching stones that fill part of all of the renal pelvis and renal calyces and they can be complete or partial depending on the level of occupancy of the collecting system. To review the indication, surgical technique and outcome of the ORT at our hospital.

Polyhydramnios – Wikipedia

Based on the robust preclinical and clinical data surrounding the role of renal sympathetic nerves in various aspects of BP control very recent efforts have led to hydramhios development of a novel catheter-based approach using radiofrequency RF energy to selectively target and disrupt the renal nerves.

These varieties need proper diagnosis and specific treatment.

We report a cse of nephrocalcinosis with renal failure which on evaluation was found to have hypercalcemia. Although renal tubular alpha-2 adrenoceptors do not mediate the increases in renal tubular sodium and water reabsorption produced by increases in efferent renal sympathetic nerve activity, they may be involved through their inhibitory effect on adenylate cyclase in modulating the response to other hormonal agents that influence renal tubular sodium and water reabsorption via stimulation of adenylate cyclase.

Renal carcinoma was diagnosed in one case. Mean creatinine and urea one month postoperative were 2. Cytological preparations were studied hydranmios identification of cytological signs typical for classic clear cell, granulocell and papillary renal cancer.

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