HttpUnit is an open source test framework for web applications which can provide browser specific behaviour like sending request to the We are using Spring sts , JDK 8, HttpUnit JUnit Tutorial for Unit Testing. 4. However if you’re a programmer who just got the job to create functional or unit tests, you’ll find HttpUnit a much more enjoyable and programmer-friendly toolkit. HttpUnit allows us to test navigating through our JSPs by clicking links and buttons and filling out forms. In this tutorial, we will explain.

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These “viral” tests can be excluded from the batch test run, and they can be run separately, restoring the initial database state after running them.

Before we jump into the architecture and implementation details, it’s important to clarify exactly what the test scripts will need to prove about the web application. Of course it should be also possible to log in with a specific user, for example to verify the “Register User” Use Case The runner will display the list of recognized test methods, and the result of the execution.

A typical enterprise web application or a complex web site has several documents describing the requirements of the various users or maintainers of the application. It is also a good idea to try out the web app inside of a web browser to see if you forgot to test anything.


httpunut Searching for the Holy Grail of software development Starting from the simplest components, classes, the developers or specialized test developers will need to program unit tests to ensure that the smallest units of the application behave correctly. This component is responsible acting on the response contents.

After you implement each test, it should fail until you then add the implementation. Here’s an updated test scenario based on our TC architecture. This simulates tutorila the user would do if he was filling out a form in a web browser. The user may change his bet until the pool is closed. HttpUnit enables the programmers to write the test script to test web applications.

Even better, you might want to refactor the validation logic into a helper class rather than the servlet itself. Avoid the urge to write all of the functionality at once.

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From these documents, we have to create an organized list of Test Cases. Some tests may put the system in an invalid state.

HttpUnit emulates the functionality of the web browser, including the form submission, http authentication, cookies, Java Scripts and the Java API to examine the returned page. Architecture of HttpUnit HttpUnit consists of two core components: This code uses JUnit and ServletUnit to verify that a servlet is present at the specified address. You might also consider putting your todo comments in httpunitt test cases, rather than in the code itself.

I am Example 1 Page content is: So if you get a task to do functional tests for a few weeks, Htttpunit can assure you that you’ll encounter enough challenges to keep you interested, and to enjoy your work. I use Log4J statements to keep debug code in the TCs. There are many excellent books and articles regarding the creation of Test Case specifications.


Once the data is correct, the administrator opens the pool for betting. Example shows the updated servlet.

HttpUnit Tutorial – create pool editor – step 1

The framework then returns a WebResponsecontaining the returned page and attributes from the server. Once the request is fully validated, the servlet dispatches to the JSP for rendering.

We need to be careful here as well: Each section of the tutorial will address a specific use of the system, and show how HttpUnit and ServletUnit can be used to write tests which verify that functionality.

You fill in form field values using the setParameter method on a WebForm instance. To run this code, you will also need the web. While tools recording the Browser activity tend to record every insignificant detail, with big and hard-to-modify recorded scripts, using HttpUnit will allow a developer to create readable, concise, htgpunit cleanly structured code, which can focus on validating the important details.

This refactoring avoids code duplication and is easily tested with tutoria, existing suite of unit tests. Automated, scheduled Test Runs.

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