Passer Angelfish. Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided. Passer Angelfish (Holacanthus passer) Item: CN- . Latin name, Holacanthus passer – Valenciennes, Common name, King angelfish. Family, Pomacanthidae – Holacanthus. Origin, East Pacific, Central/ West. Fish guide for Passer Angelfish, Holacanthus passer, King Angelfish facts, information, description and pictures, Passer Angelfish care, diet and compatibility.

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No sources indicate that this species will harm corals or other invertebrates. Both have a long white vertical band that runs from the top of the back to just about where the pectoral fins are located. This drug passed reef safe, and medications are either added to the water or mixed with the fish food.

Both the King and the Queen Angelfish are found in the tropical reef areas adjacent to Central America.

The rocky-shore fishes of the Gulf of California. Adults blue-grey with a vertical white bar on fore-body, blue margins on dorsal and anal fins and a red submargins, yellow tail and a patch of black containing blue spots on nape. Please tell us the nature of the error: I immediately tested the water to yolacanthus what could have happened to it, all the testings were fine.

In this case, a “normal” aquarium is a reef holaccanthus with mixed corals or a fish only aquarium with an approximately salinity of 1. Their habitats were once continuous but are now separated due to the uplifting of the Central America Land Bridge, roughly about 5 million years ago. They can also be offered fresh uncooked broccoli which will provide them with vitamin A and C.

It is also advantageous to choose fish of different sizes. If there are insufficient algae on the rocks, it is important to feed more frequently and supplement with algae rich food e.


Holacanthus passer, King angelfish : aquarium

Fish Diseases The King Angelfish are fairly hardy once they are established in captivity. English English Dansk Deutsch. Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year Add your observation in Fish Watcher Native range All suitable habitat Point map Year This map was computer-generated and passre not yet been reviewed.

Feed several small meals a day, rather than one large meal daily. Over gallons l would be needed if you chose to put them with a Pomacanthus angelfish. Species requiring more than a liter tank are considered not suitable for home aquarium.

You may also holafanthus their diet with a very small amount of meaty fare such as brine and mysis shrimps, along with finely chopped marine flesh. If some of the following corals are choosen there is a good chance the Angelfish will leave them alone; Hammer corals, Bubble corals, Star polyps, Disc anemones and others.

Younger fish will need plenty of places to hide within the rock work, but as the juveniles grow, the other tank mates will be using that same rock work to hide holacathus them. Adult King Angelfish will clean Hammerhead Sharks, so hey if you happen to have a tank the size of most houses, get one!

jolacanthus Regular feeding, plenty of hiding places and a lot of space can alleviate aggressive behavior to some degree. References and further reading About references Niels K.

King angelfish (Holacanthus passer)

Tank mates need to be active. Providing an angelfish with clean water, a proper decor with places to hide, and regular feeding is the best way to prevent illness. Medium, minimum population doubling time 1.

Hiding places This species needs good hiding places, for example, between live rocks. Calm angelfish are healthy fish. One additional name, though not commonly seen is Angel Real. They have been known to nip the fins of Lionfish. Adults feed on algae and sponges, as well as smaller amounts of invertebrate eggs, cnidarians, zooplankton, and parasites from other fish. Entered by Luna, Susan M. Of course there are exceptions to the table below as to just how big a tank should be in order to stand a good chance of success.


It might be possible to keep smaller specimens for a limited period in a ohlacanthus tank. These dots disappear for a few days, only to return with double the holacantjus. Gulf of California to Peru, including the Galapagos Islands. These nodules are not harmful and come and go. Typical treatments like copper and formalin solutions, as well as quinine based drugs are harmful to other marine creatures.

The King Angelfish is found on the the west side of this land bridge in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the Queen Angelfish is found on the east side in the Western Atlantic. They do, however undergo significant changes paasser coloration and to a lesser degree shape as they mature. An adult King Angelfish will need a tank that is at least gallons land gallons or more is suggested if housing it with other fish.

Human uses

Juveniles are typically solitary and very territorial. Using testing equipment is suggested to tell you when to do a water change. King Angelfish or Passer Angelfish Holacanthus passer.

It is sometimes successful is you choose to add 2 differently sized King Angelfish in a tank of holacsnthus least gallons l.

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