In The High-Performance Entrepreneur, Subroto Bagchi, Co-Founder And Chief High-Performance Entrepreneurs Create Great Wealth, For Themselves As. Bagchi, who is the chief operating officer of Mindtree Consulting, has turned that journal into a book titled, The High-Performance Entrepreneur. High Performance Entrepreneurship by Subroto BagchiSubroto Bagchi is one of the co-founders of Mindtree Consulting, another star from Indian IT a.

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He thought about his army buddy and said if Vietnam needs a helicopter company to overcome its infrastructure problems, what about India?

Email required Address never made public. Then, he got into biofarming. Open Preview See a Problem? Captain Gopinath was actually at Wharton, and he told this story in his own words to the listeners of Knowledge Wharton podcasts. You know, when we look at a startup team, we have to look at it on two levels.

High-Performance Entrepreneur by Subroto Bagchi

But others might enjoy them too. As a result, it becomes very difficult for such companies to really try out something very different. From a helicopter company he [saw] another apparition, because entrepreneurs many times see the future in pictures and in visuals. He is seeing a billion people who can fly.

High-Performance Entrepreneur

And you need to ask yourselves the deep questions that the VCs expect you to ask before you go to the VCs. Once the kind of team previously mentioned takes shape, the fifth prerequisite of defining the DNA, mission, vision, and values fall into place without too many hiccups. It will answer many questions in your mind, will caution you, and most importantly motivate you.

It gives several advantages: In addition to that, the other key difference that I find is that, unfortunately, when you start a business in India, unless you are in a highly ratified business like information technology or biotechnology, where the system does not bother you, in any other business you have to work the system. As a working professional who dreams of starting up one day, this gives a good insight into the various aspects and intricacies of entrepreneurship.


This is a surprisingly informative book from a top Indian entrepreneur who helped start mindtree. It also has lot of similarities I’m a big fan of Mr. Writing the Business Plan There is a notion that a business plan is of no use.

The author thus acknowledges the fact that almost all the elements change in the business plan but the very process of writing one makes a ton of things clear at the start of the venture The other chapters in the book are Choosing the Right InvestorHiring people.

The High Performance Entrepreneur : Summary | Book Reviews

Appreciate the fact that he has shared his experiences as the founder, but the constant mention of “Mindtree this, Mindtree that” was a bit too much for the nerves. One is that large, successful companies tend to be hostage to their own success, or hostage to the recipe of their own success. You get a lot entrepreneuur leeway; you get a lot of freedom, and so on.

Oct 28, Divya rated it liked it. Somehow these chapters were not as interesting as the former ones.

In “The High-Performance Entrepreneur”, Subroto Bagchi, co-founder and chief operating officer of MindTree Consulting, draws upon his own highly successful experience to offer guidance from the hgih stage to the IPO level. While his helicopter was flying over huts, he found cable-television antennae on top of these entepreneur.

So, entrepreneurs are unique animals, because what they can do is work opportunity backwards, as opposed to [working] a problem forward. So, independent of the valuation, the first thing you want to look at is culture match.

You have the multitude of small- and medium-sized organizations which come and go. We then discussed and debated the issues ad nauseam.


And if you started a business, then you would be low in the pegformance order for people to give their daughter to you. If you cease to be problem-forward in your orientation, you will see opportunities everywhere. First and foremost, what is very critical, extremely critical, is a shared view of the future and a shared vision of the future.

Audacity and courage are among the hallmarks of successful startup founders, according to panelists at the recent Wharton India Economic Forum. Perfromance have been better modelled as “Zero to One”, which though showcases Peter Theil’s learnings, doesn’t sound at all “pushy”.

Mindtree Consulting’s Subroto Bagchi on the Principles of High-Performance Entrepreneurship

In the first of a two-part podcast interview conducted in Philadelphia, Bagchi spoke with India Knowledge Wharton about the principles that define high-performance entrepreneurship. Bagchi, who is the chief operating officer of Mindtree Consulting, has turned that journal into a book titled, The High-Performance Entrepreneur: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

If you do not need money, do not start a company Profile of an Entrepreneur Self Confidence Value sense of freedom but they are very disciplined Work hard and extremely goal oriented Flexible, opportunistic and recognize the power of emergence Egolessness Love Money Sensing the Right Opportunity Entrepreneurs look at the big picture, they see where the world around them is going and within that framework they see connections between their innate capabilities, emergent needs and the challenge of building an organization.

One is the size of the ambition.

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