The Shield of Heracles has 67 ratings and 6 reviews. Vivian said: Lovely battle scene with Herakles and Iolaus versus Ares and Cycnus. Brothers against f. The Shield of Heracles and the legend of Cycnus – Volume 36 Issue 1 – R. 35 ‘ Hesiod’s “Shield of Herakles”: its structure and workmanship’. This short epic poem was attributed to Hesiod, a poet from Ascra and a Upon seeing Heracles, the poet of the Shield tells us that he wants to.

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And the deadly spear cut through the two sinews; for the hero’s full strength lighted on his foe. So in one night Zeus shared the bed and love of the neat-ankled daughter of Electyron and fulfilled his desire; and in the same night Amphitryon, gatherer of the people, the glorious hero, came to his house when he had ended his great task.

Full search options are on the right side and top of the page. Sep 03, Matty rated it really liked it. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Long nails xhield her hands, and she dribbled at the nose, and from her cheeks blood dripped down to the ground.

And the men who were elders and on whom age had laid hold were all together outside the gates, and were holding up their hands to the blessed gods, fearing for their own sons. And they all made a fierce fight over one poor wretch, glaring evilly at one another with furious eyes and fighting equally with claws and hands. Within it were many chilling arrows, dealers of death which makes speech forgotten: At the end, after the king buries Cycnus, Achilles floods the river causing the river the wash away the grave.

Toon Pepermans rated it liked it Nov 10, A powerful moment, as one cannot help but think “What a senseless waste of human life” at seeing both Cycnus be honoured despite his evil deeds and the river washing away the hard work of everyone who worked on that monument, who were surely innocent. The Evelyn-White volume is no longer in print but second-hand copies might be obtained from Amazon.


As when rocks leap forth from the high peak of a great mountain, and fall on one another, and many towering oaks and pines and long-rooted poplars are broken by them as they whirl swiftly down until they reach the plain; so did they fall on one another with a great shout: And she was going towards the awful strife. There, too, was the daughter of Zeus, Tritogeneia who drives the spoil.

Even so, the son of Amphitryon, unsated of battle, stood eagerly face to face with Ares, nursing courage in his heart. And she, being subject in love to a god and to a man exceeding goodly, brought forth twin sons in seven-gated Thebe. No trivia or quizzes yet. James Rauch rated it liked it Dec 01, But Phoebus Apollo would not listen to his vaunts, for he himself had stirred up mighty Heracles against him.

Or like her who left home and country and came to Thebes, following warlike Amphitryon,—even Alcmena, the daughter of Electryon, gatherer of the people. She had on her shoulders a garment red with the blood of men, and terribly she glared and gnashed her teeth. Bruno Oliveira rated it it was amazing Mar 15, The description of Herackles hesios, no doubt influenced by Book 18 of the Iliad to the point of using the description of Achilles’ shield almost verbatimis long, telling not necessarily of the shield’s military usefulness in a fight, but rather, is a collection of stories meant to This is a very nice piece of action by Hesiod or, more likely, someone else writing in the style of Hesioddetailing a fight between Herakles and his nephew Iolaus against the despot Cycnus and his father Ares.

The men were making merry with festivities and dances; some were bringing home a bride to her husband on a well-wheeled car, while the bridal-song swelled high, and the glow of blazing torches held by handmaidens rolled in waves afar. Herafles Ares shall not deliver you from the end of death, if we two meet together in battle. Mar 01, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: The round shield’s “whole orb shimmered with enamel and white ivory and electrum, and it glowed with shining gold; and there were zones of cyanus drawn upon it.


Compare Virgil ‘s “Shield of Aeneas” Aeneid viii. He was flying swift as thought.

HESIOD, SHIELD OF HERACLES – Theoi Classical Texts Library

Matt S rated it liked it Jul 05, And she so honoured her husband in her heart as none of womankind did before her. And he fell headlong in the dust upon the ground through the force of my spear-thrust; then truly he would have been disgraced among the deathless gods, if by my hands he had left behind his bloody spoils. But come, put on your arms of war that with all speed we may bring the car of Ares and our own together and fight; for he shall not frighten the dauntless son of Zeus, heraclfs yet the son of Iphiclus: Current location in this text.

The Iliad gives enough detail for its hearers to marvel at Hephaestus ‘ workmanship.

The Shield of Heracles

But it ends with a nice bang: Nicole Oswald rated it liked it Aug 11, Published by Acheron Press first published Then their horses neighed shrilly, face to face; and the echo was shivered all round them. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

And beneath them fishes or bronze were trembling. But on me fate laid heavy tasks. And hesood maidens went before, delighting in the festival; and after them came frolicsome choirs, the youths singing soft-mouthed to the sound of shrill pipes, while the echo was shivered around them, and the girls led on the lovely dance to the sound of lyres.

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