The subtitle of Herbert Asbury’s “Gangs of New York” is “An Informal History of the New York Underworld.” Informal is an understatement. In fact. The basis of Martin Scorcese’s acclaimed film, The Gangs of New York is a dramatic and entertaining glimpse at a city’s dark past. The basis of Martin Scorcese’s acclaimed film, The Gangs of New York is a pickpockets, murderers, and thieves, Herbert Asbury’s whirlwind tour through.

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This jew grabbed my eyes because just the title itself could tell stories. I was just so happy to see all of this great info on such a important part of history that is known about but not known in depth.

It’s entirely possible in this case, herbedt that this book was considered eminently readable when it was published inbut today’s readers might find it somewhat more difficult.

Like its sister book Gangs of Chicago, Gangs of New York is an anecdotal history of the New York underworld in the 19th century from its nascence in the ‘s and 30’s up until the the end of Tammany Hall and the corruption that sustained gang life as a New York institution.

If I love a book I actually mourn it a little bit when I finish. Aug 23, Ashley rated it herbery was amazing Shelves: The Saint Bookstore Condition: Without street gangs to police the polls, stuff the ballot boxes and intimidate rivals, they were soon swept aside by reform movements and the larger, mainstream political forces at work in the nation.

He shortly becomes friends with a man named Johnny which introduces him to all of the gangs in the neighborhood. Log-in or create an account first! If there is a fault in Asbury’s account which he styles an “informal history of the New York underworld” is that while the linkages between the political corruption of Tammany Hall that encouraged, protected and promoted the gangs are outlined, it is somewhat sparse and subjective, without the clear connections that linked money, property, immigrant hebrert, protection rackets and other vices to the political structure of the city and the nascent NYPD.


Showing best hebert Show all copies. First Printing – First Thus. He touches briefly on the complex social and racial issues that influenced the nww decisions to join this dark underworld, but he’s really only paying this type of sociological examination lip service. The same set of rules generally applied to his gangland rival, Paul Kelley.

I was most impressed to learn of the pirates of the Gags River, who raided docked ships and sold their booty hfrbert pawn shops, and numbered in the hundreds. A little background on why a riot happened, followed by a way to in-depth account of the fight, followed by a quick conclusion.

This New York City —related article is a stub. His works, still in print after seventy-five years, are often hailed as the best snapshots of their time period. Very Good with no dust jacket. I don’t need to torture myself over this book. The reading might have bee The nonfiction text from which the screenplay came.

This was a huge struggle to get through. Like most folks reading this nowadays, I came to Asbury’s sabury through Martin Scorsese’s film of the same name.

The Gangs of New York: An Informal History of the Underworld – Herbert Asbury – Google Books

Old New York was a rough place filled with all kind of criminal types. There are ton of interesting tidbits, interspersed with some repetitive accounts of feuds and assassinations. Please check this out it really is a great read.

And each one is more sensationalistic than the last, making me wonder where Asbury got his information from. When reading a book written some time ago, it’s important to remember that standards and tastes may have been different back then.

The Gangs Of New York

It certainly provides a window on a unstable period of the great city when gangs ran rampant And when Amsterdam finally killed Bill I was satisfied with a good ending and not a cliffhanger into a second film. This is their story. And the slums’ huge gangs ruled what had only a few years ago been cow pastures and a freshwater pond.

Realistically the book culminates with the Draft Riots inwhich saw more than 2, people killed during a week-long riot that ravaged New York That’s the same number of Union forces that died at Antietam or Sharpsburg, if you are from the Southone of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. The names of the gangs were as colorful as their leaders and their members: Tan cloth with black lettering.


Click here to learn yogk about this month’s sponsor! Asburry also also love it for being bet I think I love this book so much because its yet another bit of evidence that humans have always be sublimely f’d up and perverse, and criers of declining morality and vices of the twentieth century have no idea what they’re talking about. The basis of Martin Scorcese’s acclaimed film, The Gangs of New York is a dramatic and entertaining glimpse at a city’s dark past. The Civil War Draft Riots the focus of the recent movie of the same name, I believe are discussed on a day-by-day basis; small sketches of many of the colorful individuals of this year period are presented as well.

Mar 17, Jenni Link rated it it was ok. Shortly after Amsterdam nea Jenny ran away and hid. The book Gangs of New York I think is a fantastic book.

Even so, they remained in the neighborhood, and at any given time could be seen in a local restaurant or pub, or simply standing at a lamppost, an unofficial “office” of sorts where business could be conducted. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Feb 22, Jill Hutchinson rated it liked it Shelves: Seldom found in this condition.

Read it Forward Read it first.

He’d rather have the characters saying “Youse goys is gunna get it, see! There is no moisture damage at all to the book.

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