So far, I am impressed with the “high art” and intellectually stimulating prose of Henry Miller found in the pages of this awful book of sex sex sex. My how times. “Opus Pistorum” (porno) by Henry Miller; (July 28, ) I am reading a French translation of “Opus Pistorum” by Henry Miller, and I still don’t. From Marcelle to Tania, to Alexandra, to Anna, Henry Miller sweeps us up in his Under the Roofs of Paris (originally published as Opus Pistorum) is that book.

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Apparently he wrote this one chapter at a time and millre them to a pornographer who compiled them into a full book. Ten years to learn to do a dance that takes ten minutes! It was an endless “erotic” diatribe on the insatiable desire of women, and it drags on and on.

Opus Pistorum by Henry Miller

The opening scene has to be one of the wildest things I have ever read, it is insane even for Miller. View all 16 comments. Want to Read saving…. February pistofum, —.

Opus Pistorum

The Colossus of Maroussia travel book of modern Greece, is considered by some critics his best work. My introduction to Henry Miller was an accidental find in a local bookstore.

It’s exhausting, in fact. A lady undressed and lied on the officiating table; the priests slaughtered a coq and let the blood drip and smear the naked body. Dec 23, Phrodrick rated it it was ok. Boy, I need a cigarette. I have viewed a few porn films in my time, but nothing compares to this novel and the way Miller had written it for pay.

Henry Miller is a respected and treasured novelist. Are there more than one person with pride of authorship? My roommate kept egging pistofum on telling me it was leading somewhere so I kept reading. A man ought to have a photograph taken of himself when he’s in shape like that, just to keep around and look at when he goes in to ask the boss for a raise in salary.


Do I want to burn this book as my mother did when she came into my own house one day and found “Lady Chatterly’s Lover”? It contains no money but a picture millerr a beautiful blonde lady called Charlotte.

This is one of the over the top sex stories.

March 7, —. I understand why the main character runs away at pietorum end and I probably would have done the same thing in the same circumstance, so maybe it was just that I had a secret desire for the book to continue on or maybe I This is one of the over the top sex stories.

Finish, all over, all done. Miller’s fir Henry Miller sought to reestablish the freedom to live without the conventional restraints of civilization. Milleg is what concerns me.

It’s graphic nature notwithstanding, it has some extremely humorous moments and descriptions of events. I read it when I was 16, I remember not being able to put it down. The epilogue explains how this book came to be published.

Miller seems to have only one word for breasts, it is not breast, but has a wide variety of now out of date expressions for almost every other part male or female that one has to name when describing explicit sex acts. Should take another look. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This site uses cookies. Anyone with an open mind. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Feb 23, Rosey rated it it was amazing.

II; Book I; p. He bears his character’s soul and touches on taboo topics. Charlotte is beautiful; her thighs are pawable; her behind and bosoms are normal with respect to her stature; I look at Arthur and I realize that he is having the same thoughts… One day Charlotte visited Arthur; he was not home and she left him a note. Oct 30, Cand mi-a fost recomandata ca “roman erotic”, nu asta am avut in minte. This was my first Henry Miller book and it was the refreshing sense of reality that made me read all he ever published.


For example it is possible to have as many as three pages between descriptions of body parts rubbing together. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Charlotte attached the molosse in another room. So I started to read this book as, when I purchased it inI had thought this was a book on erotica as I always loved the works by Anais Nin on this genre. Oct 13, Teree rated it it was amazing. In this light, Miller was writing to a small audience that wanted sex. Dick Cheney and Ariel Sharon of Israel.

From Marcelle to Tania, to Alexandra, to Anna, and from the Left Bank to Pigalle, Miller sweeps us up in his odyssey in search of the perfect job, the perfect woman, the perfect experience.

M. Sarki’s review of Opus Pistorum

It is intelligent pornography, but very fiercely said, in my opinion. The back story to this book may be more interesting than the book.

Milleg by Henry Miller. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Paperbackpages. However, unlike Under the Roofs of Paris, it does achieve artistic success–in my humble opinion.

Jul 08, Cody rated it liked it.

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