Upâsikâ [Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (–), founder of the Theosophical movement.— Ed.] was an example of complete fearlessness in life. She was. ings of Agni Yoga recorded by Helena Roerich and de- scribes how to use this knowledge in practice for spir- itual development. The book is addressed to those . The term Agni Yoga was introduced to the western public by the Roerichs — Nicholas and Helena. They learned it in their expedition across Central Asia from .

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Revelations of Divine Atlanteans. Moreover, the bodies in the lower strata of the Subtle World are especially drawn to necromancy. Hrlena blind man may be unable to perceive an event visible to yogaa, but everyone can realize the Supermundane by learning to understand the many properties of the fundamental energy. Retrieved 4 November Retrieved 27 September But it is impossible to leave the world to decompose!

Speak with his words in the way that he speaks; that is the only way he will remember and accept your thought into his consciousness.

So we find the same laws in effect when we compare the physical and spiritual worlds. The broadening of consciousness cannot be considered personal gain, for in every such purification is ehlena the General Good. The expectation of dates, the joy of meeting, the sorrow of parting—none of these human feelings disappear. It is difficult to wipe away an evil act. Handwriting is one way.


You roeridh commeasure the use of your forces when they are being demanded in every direction.

A thrifty head of the household regrets all waste. Do not think that We are displeased; We simply feel regret when We see that energy is not directed to full benefit. Today you spoke about the fear experienced by plants.


Connecting the consciousnesses in the Subtle World with the consciousnesses of incarnate people will be the next conquest. Through even the slightest purification of the human heart one can derive a cascade of Blessings.

Only with Us is this joy born. It is wonderful to have a sense of the heart as the Sun of Suns of the universe. Urusvati has developed her musical talent beautifully. In a letter dated 15th April to E.

To create with thought, the Cosmic Thought-warp is also necessary; that is what We call the Primary Substance from which fiery thought strikes the spark of creation.

Such a procedure is possible but very dangerous, for the fire can come into contact with the Fire of Space, with destructive results. I advise you to gather all the forces of the spirit, so that you do not scatter them in unrestrained actions. Rosrich speak about the Abode of the Great Rishis.

Heart | Agni Yoga Series | The Teaching of the Living Ethic

The heart is able to know the meaning yofa events that happen far away. So let us learn to correlate the heart with silence. Seek out and commune with everything that is refined and subtle in its substance. Much harm results from these fleas of thought, which jump about and bite unlikely people. Vast, tight, and intense is the battle.


The light should not irritate the eyes, and it is better if it comes from behind. Perhaps they are unaware of the source of their successful healing, but gradually they will learn about the harmony of the inner and outer influences, and the new methods of healing will then begin.

If someone is unable to understand this refinement, how can he perceive the higher strata of the Subtle World? The heart is the bridge between the worlds.

Theosophy and Agni Yoga

The Agni Yoga Society has little formal structure. The earthly reflections of the Battle swell out like unexpected blisters! We only cast out manifest traitors, as cosmic litter; with everyone else, We find the ray that they have transmuted into action.

Only by acknowledging the vanity of earthly treasures are we able to receive our heritage of everlasting wealth. Or perhaps the conversation will be a silent one without instructions or advice, one that only ascends and grows stronger in that ascent. Our coworkers in America, Sina [ i.

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