Download Heatline C28 manual. You have chosen to download this manual. Heatline C28, please click on the PDF link below. The boiler’s ‘Log Book’ must be completed at each Service visit. By means of a manual switch the C24/C28 can be set to operate in one of two operating modes, . Boiler Manuals for the Heatline Compact C28 appliance.

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Yeah that seems to be the case, i have emailed the landlord and told him straight, no more rent now until its fixed, and i may manal citizens advice and health and safety.

Download your manuals

Verify the igniter unit. Replace the heat exchanger. Verify the wiring harness.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me, yes all healtine on rads are fine and working, it seems to be something wrong in the boiler, it was working ok for ages, then just packed up. Release the connection from gas valve and manifold inlet, retaining the washers for use on reassembly as shown on the picture below 6.

I have an account. Jump to main content My Home My Business. Verify the pump connections.

Here are your nearest Pick Up Locations. Remove the secondary water-to-water heat exchanger 5. On checking the boiler the following morning the DHW light flashing red and would not ignite flame.


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Heat Line C28 Manuals

hfatline The hydraulic circuit now needs to be drained 4. We also understand that obtaining your gas boiler spares quickly is essential, that is why we have many different delivery options available.

I was out on a job and was not their when he first arrived so told him over the phone to check the “overheat sensor” even though this light was not flashing. Re-assemble in reverse order Central heating sensor replacement 1. Download Heatline C28 manual. Verify the operation of the condensate pump F27 Flame detection fault Verify the flame detection electrode. Existing customers Book an mnual Track engineer Moving home.

Primary pressure sensor- it is hydraulically operated sensor that checks and monitors water shortage and water general pressure in the main circuit. Open a hot tap to create a demand — is there a spark at the ignition electrode? If you want to access the the potentiometers you should simply remove the cover panel and you will see those at the rear as heatliine on the picture below.

Release the main gas connection between the gas valve supply tube and gas inlet valve, retaining the washer for use on reassembly. Make sure that the sensor is clipped to the tube. As you have already saved the maximum of 9 manuals to your online services account you need to delete one of these before you can save heatpine one. It doesn’t need a water storage tank or a cylinder manuao the boilers is connected directly to the water mains, heating water as its needed.


Is he really a gas registered boiler repairer? I can’t for the life of me work cc28 why there’s so few replies. Vaillant Group reserves the right to amendupdate, or withdraw any information within the help centre without prior notice.

Fit the new fan following reverse order logic. Verify that there are no leaks F23 Maximum temperature difference reached between return and flow heating Verify the flow and return heating sensor connection. I took the cover off checked maanual connections on the “overheat stat” as i was touching them the boiler started up flashing light went out boiler ok again at least for another day. Save energy Energy saving tips.

After waiting a week for basic boiler cover insurance to come out decide to give one of the trades on site for advice. Signup to our newsletter today Sign up.

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